Queensland: beautiful one day ….

biblically proportioned storminess the next.
I’ve been watching CART car races off and on (mostly on) for four years, and of the races that actually went ahead, yesterday’s race at Surfer’s Paradise would have to be the worst.
If it rains before/during a race on an oval track, they call it off because the cars go too fast and they can’t get enough grip, but not so with curvey race tracks, or those set up on city streets (like yesterday). But they probably should call it off with the latter because the curvey tracks which are built specifically for car racing are designed so that water drains off them straight away, but not so with your average city street.
There was a huge pile up in the first 10 seconds of the race and then for the rest of it they drove around and around but weren’t able to pass each other (under yellow flag). I was able to have a larf at how farcicle the whole thing was, maybe it’d be different if I’d spent time and money to actually go there to see the thing.
Reminiscent of that australian speed skater who who won because of everyone else fell over, Mario Dominguez – a mexican rookie “won”. It was more like bingo than a car race. More of a write up here.

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