Our lawnmower sits in a storage area under the house. I’d generally thought that people saying the sea air rusts things were exagerating, but it seems not. The cord on the mower that controls the throttle has basically frozen. i was thinking I’d have to take it to someone to get fixed (and may still do) but this morning had a fiddle around with it and ended up removing the whole cord. There’s a little lever right down on the engine – i gave that a yank with some pliers (pliars? – how do ya spell that?) and then had a tug on the rip cord to start it, fully expecting the whole effort to be hopeless, but it sprang into life at full throttle, and before i knew what I was doing I was mowing the lawn.
Mundane this may seem, but i basically never mow the lawn. All part of my non-interventionist mentality I suppose, and thinking further, the whole idea of a “lawn” is a bit whacked. However I’m not boss of the world, and the grassy clumps are growing.
Since I’ve hardly ever done it, I have a pretty fresh technique to it, and at stages it reminded me of vacuuming – hahah. The noise filled my ears, the fumes my lungs and as I saw the skinks running for their lives before me and the threshing monster, something took over me.
Well, maybe not, but it was good to get it done. I had to drive it kamakaze style into a pile of clippings to turn it off because the throttle won’t stop it anymore.

Things didn’t go very well with the upgrade of red hat from 7.3 to 8. The whole CD I made with my stuff on was rooted because I burned it at 40x when the disk could only operate at 16x, so it’s another collecting everything from scratch situation, which sucks sincerely.
And you know, I was getting all excited and anticipatory with red hat 8, thinking of doing a review of it for ‘the bottom-feeder’s guide to computering’ and also making a recommendation to other bloggers that, since they (presumably) spend a bit of time on the net, then this was the time and version of Linux, to get rid of windows with. But frankly, there’s was a few things that really bugged me about it – like there not being enough of an explanation of what the different levels of firewall meant. I went for “high security” (and wouldn’t most people?) and then found that, even though I could connect to the net, it wouldn’t let me go anywhere because the rules were too tight. There was no internet connection wizard during the install, and then the app. needed for it was really hidden when I got to the desktop. That’s odd, because in older versions there’d been an icon on the desktop. And then, Mozillla was seriously broken, and required updating straight away, which just ain’t good enough.
In comparrison, Mandrake 9 seems to hit the ground running much better. And I’d also like to thank my brother for donating a copy of windows98se to the Spouting benevolent fund. Tah. Now I can connect the digikamera to Juggernaut.

Car race at Sufers tomorrow, Go Michel Jourdain Jr.! in the Gigante ford. I gather Gigante is a mexican supermarket chain, and sure – I don’t know who they’re owned by, but at least as a front-sponsor they sure seem a lot less evil than Eli Lily or Shell.

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date: 2002-10-29-04-44
Red Hat can be like that sometimes. A little bit of tinkering for your computer always comes into play. We run SuSE Linux ( you might want to try that) it’s quite lovely indeed & tends to not be so painful…as Red Hat can be sometimes. I use Yellow Dog on my iBook runs like a dream, so if you have a Mac (old one, new one) you might want to have a go of that to :)f you have any questions about Red Hat just email me….be more than happy to help out 🙂 – Keely
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-10-29-08-48
Thanks. It should be okay though. Everytime I do a clean install, I just forget how it takes months for everything to fall into place just right.
Mind you, I’m using Mandrake 9 right now and am liking it. Its GUI for installing true type fonts is what Red Hat is missing, now that KDE doesn’t have that font installer admin tool.
SuSE is neat, but i’m inhibited by the price.

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