On the road again

Just thinking of the Ed Kuepper version of the Canned Heat song.

Am going down the highway a bit today to see my mum for a day or so. I don’t do it nearly often enough, but I feel too old for hitch-hiking mostly these days.

Posting from uni — from the mac lab too. Netscape 4.7 will accept cookies, where IE won’t. And surprisingly, the Spouting front page looks halfway decent in Netscape 4.x at the moment. Last time I saw it it was unreadable.

Came across a canadian last night (I don’t know what state from) and they really were saying “eh?” — and not at the end of sentences the way a Queenslander would (“ay?”) – but in the middle of a sentence — I really had to stifle a few grins there.

Am going to have a go at cutting my own hair today. Have been using electrical clippers for a year or more now – but it’s never benn me doing it, jean has done it for me. Should go okay – I just dunno about the bottom of the back. With two mirrors lined up I might be able to figure it out. The thing is, I find it hard enough getting my sideys (sideburns – “side-ees (?)) level and balanced looking and they’re on the front of my head. It’s mirrors – it’s okay if i don’t think about it, but if I hesitate even for a second then my head starts getting boggled by how the reverse images isn’t really reverse, and my hands never seem to be where they should be according to the mirror.

Last class for the year this morning.

I know there hasn’t been much nerd-news outfeed here lately. Things have been involuntarily tangenting. But also have realised that I’m a bit out of balance with my extra-curricular pursuits, and computers and the internet are a bottomless pit of things to find out and learn. As much as I’m tempted to try and get to the bottom, I never will and I should be giving more time to walking (and or other outside-ish things) and self-maintenance.

One little thing though – I saw the (Murdoch-owned) australian pc magizine has 2 CDs worth of Mandrake 9 on its front cover this month.

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