red hat 8 – day one

I had a go installing last night but accidentally put GRUB on the start of the /boot partition when I really meant it to be on the MBR. Also, the first try – I whacked the install CD in the CDRW drive, thinking that’d run faster, but anaconda kinda wigged out and wouldn’t recognise it — but using the DVD-drive worked, despite it having been relegated to slave (by me).
When it got to taking out the 2nd and putting in the 3rd install CD, it wouldn’t mount it, which I found a bit disconcerting – but it turned out the thing was just overheating – and continued after a couple of minutes rest. Apart from that, the install was breezy – the second go this morning went fine.

It’s tempting to start dropping sentences like “why the hell did they hide the Terminal so far away?” but it’s got to be expected. It’s like moving into a new house – a much nicer looking new house, but all the same, it won’t be long before you’re rummaging through dozens of boxes wondering where the damn kettle is — and figuring out how appliances will fit with the power points.
It does look nicer. It’s funny this transition with anti-aliased fonts. First there was just bits of Kde that had them, then bits of Gnome got them with Gnome 2 – and now it’s pretty much wall-to-wall (although, the default install of Mozilla’s typefaces don’t look any smoother). I open up the shell and WoW – it’s even smoothed out there! That was a real surprise. From memory, I don’t even think OS X’s terminal uses anti-aliased fonts.
First download? – Opera, so I can browse properly. If you’ll excuse me now, i have a lot of unpacking to do. :^)

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-10-20-17-21
Nice moving metaphor.

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