postie cometh cometh down

I got red hat 8 today which is fantastic, but I still haven’t finished this assignment on Zen Buddhism, which isn’t fantastic. Hopefully I can get it knocked over by this time tomorrow so then can have some guilt-free fun re-messing with the partitions and doing a clean install.

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Stumpy, stumpy, faster than lightning…

I was originally thinking this fellow was a blue toungue, but there is the ‘stumpy tailed’ (?) variety around here also — and it’s nice to see him back out and about. It seems totally reasonable to go to sleep for the whole winter. Was puzzling about how lizards really dig strawberries for some time yesterday. There’s some story-worthy depth to the fact that the strawberry, which is held as being a rather sensous kind of fruit … y’know, chocolate dipped, big lip-sticked lips – that kind of thing — them being a favourite food of the lizard which to most people register a twinge of revulsion, or wariness at least : the reptiles are different to us.

Was nice to hear that Sun Microsystems are donating billions of dollars worth of software to asian countries and central/south american countries, and even some to australia – schools. But in the same week I hear that they are sacking 8000 employees – 11% of their staff. Personally I think they’ve got their priorities wrong, and it shows that the first little factoid for what it is – not a pure act of benevolence, but part of their corporate strategy to undermine Microsoft.
Sun use the excuse of “market slowdown was unkind to them” … and the thing is that most people will just accept that – and that’s the way it is. Whatever happened to job security?? Pick up yer game Scott ‘they airbrushed my teeth’ McNealy.

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