Xandros, crossover and KDE

After raving on about nature for a couple of days it feels like time for something computery.
Via OSNews earlier in the week I see that Codeweavers have licensed their Crossover plugin to the Xandros Linux OS. Struck me as interesting. I think it was mainly for users to be able to use MS Word. But I was thinking – if Red Hat ever did something like that would I pay the extra for it? Firstly – I know that even with this latest one – they went out of their way not to include any closed code software; like the NVIDIA geared kernel (but then I heard that there was some little bit in there that was Copyright Red hat – something to do with Bluecurve I think).
I just think it’d be really good to be able to watch Quicktime and .WMP things from Linux. I’m not interested in using Word – OpenOffice does a fine job. And if RH was going to be buying the plugin in bulk then surely they’d get a discount – so say – the bottom o’ the range version of RH Linux goes for 32bucks now, would you buy it for 60 if it had that plugin? Would I? I’m not sure.

But then – sometime in the future Kde 3.1 with a jacked up version of the XINE movie player may support quicktime .mov files annyway — or at least that’s what it says on this page. There’s a lot of interesting things on there. Like the fact that the german govt. is funding a groupware suit and secure email stuff for it. Apparently it’s old news, but I hadn’t heard it before.

More: just found this via kungfugrippe – a colour chooser for all your site design needs. It’s very javascripty – and only partially worked in Opera when I set it to pretend to be IE, but in one of those nature-freaky things, it works really well if looked at in Konqueror. (Of course I’m sure all those IE people will have no trouble at all.
And here I was thinking I’d have to schnaffle the colour scheme that I saw on a surf board the other week for the next redesign. As that Jello Biafra song goes, “Relax, Shudddup! At last all your decisions will be made … for you”.

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