rumble season

Everywhere I went today I saw birds harrassing each other. It’s all about territory, religion is just a smoke screen. I saw a pair of magpies going another pair of magpies in a full-fledged aerial dog-fight, and at uni – all sorts going crows – honey eaters, Willy Wagtails, little white-breasted magpies – all hassling crows, and Willy Wagtails – a pair of them in tag-team format buzzing a magpie that was just standing there minding its own business. I had to really stop and watch that one. The magpie seemed determined to just do it’s own thing and ignore the Willys hovering and grabbing near its back — then occasionally Magpie would flick its head around and snap its beak at the Willy. When one Willy needed a break, the other would take over. Eventuallly Magpie gave up and walked away.
Magpie gets the award for most surly bird, but Willy Wagtail is easily the most tenacious. And when they’re in defender mode like that, their chirp even sounds like a tommy-gun.

I got the technocultures assignment back – and got an 80% which I’m rather happy about. I had a really bad feeling that I’d gone way off-topic and would be lucky to pass. But ultimately, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was probably the only one to hand the thing in on time, and along with another lad, who I’ll call “Ox” was the only person to actually show up to classes. Damn shame really – it was a very interesting subject, and is finished for the year now.

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