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I don’t have that much to say at the moment. I’d really like to get this last essay done before Red Hat 8 arrives in the mail, but am procrastinating. Having a flat kind of day, despite not having stayed up late last night (no car racing).

Recently have been struck with the thought stemming from a quote that awholelottanothing was quoting from someone else – that “Weblogs are like personal ‘homepages’ wearing a tuxedo t-shirt” – except at the moment it’s more like wearing a TV newsman’s suit. And no, “newsman” isn’t lop-sided. Man-blogs talk about the news, woman-blogs talk about feelings. “Talk about the news” becomes yet another wall in distancing you, the reader, from the writer’s real self. I’m not wagging my finger – this is just what I see. Even this kind of analysis i’m indulging in is a form of deflection I suppose. As a reader, i mostly want to know what other people are doing, thinking, feeling – and as a result end up reading proportionately more woman-blogs. I don’t want to know the news. I really don’t want to know the news.

You gotta love the Baker’s Delight Cheeseymite Scroll, just for the fact that you can go in there and say the word Cheeseymite out loud. Onto a really good run of new season apples – Braeburn something – I don’t know if they’re local or what. Huge, and way-juicy and now my keys are a bit sticky.

Had a look at what next year’s uni may hold for me – and it looks like I might be doing 2 units of psychology each semester, which is no walk in the park … ah well.

Am wishing that the Photosmart digi-camera would focus on things closer than 1.3 metres away – the skinks are hanging in the backyard a bit more now that there’s sun, and a pic of one up really close and magnified would look awesome. Tiny lizards made to look like monsters. I wish there were giant skinks – I’d put reigns on one and ride it around.
Watching ducks flying a bit lately. They’re real cruisers. I dig the formations – Vs or half-Vs – and their long necks – It’s like the body and wings are the engine room and the head is way up the front taking it easy. And being able to come down and land on water – how cool is that? I see them do that sometimes at uni — there’s this big pond-thing. They make paddling look effortless too.

Did a little test the other night and Opera does successfully resume down loads of ISOs – so that’s going to provide some possible fun in the future. Grabbed one meg of the 123Mb Gentoo install (and that was screaming – where d/loads usually come in at 5whatevers per whatever, this started at 28whatevers per whatever — I can’t work out how it was going so fast.) So the Gentoo install is a definite possibility, but I’ll have to have my thinking cap on – it’s sure no walk in the park — there’s about 2metres worth of screen instructions I’d need to have printed out to follow.

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