Fear of

Here‘s a big list of fears, or ‘phobias’ if you want to get technical. They got everything -from A for Abuse to the colour Y for yellow. … What – no fear of zebra crossings?
It’s been a long day. I will only mention that there’s a Vline bus driver who I’m considering mounting a campaign to get sacked. This afternoon I stood for (as always) way too long in Belmont. I think if I tallied up time spent waiting in Belmont by me, this year it would be over 24hrs by now. 24 hours on High street is a terrible thought.
But where the bus never came through for me, jean did, and the Nov issue of PC world mag was in the letter box when I got home. Yay.

Yesterday – spent a lot of time searching through blosxom related stuff. Midway through the day it occurred to me that it doesn’t have a comment system. looked around for an easy fix, but I don’t know CGI/perl, so either I’ll have to wait til they add the comments into it, or wait til uni is over and try and learn cgi/perl, which may be beneficial.
However, I did find a Python version of blosxom, called Pyblosxom, which apparently, integrates really well with Wikis. They’re also going to add comments at some stage. I do have access to Python on this server, but I’ve never used it. There’s also a PHP version named Phosxom.

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