one month off

By my calculations I have one more month of uni then it’s viva la freedom – or at least in the ideal world it would be. i think I’m going to have to get a job, which fills me with dread – my job experiences have never been good. It’s an attitude thing. The local supermarket beckons, I would hate it – I’m sure I could find a more fulfilling summer job if I got my head in gear.
The other part of my head tried to sweeten the deal by saying we could buy stuff with money from job, like a second hand laptop – so just had a look at ebay aust. but alas – there’s no clam-shell iMacs there right now. i like the look of them and am interested to see how red hat PPC or Yellowdog would go, plus could possible beef up RAM and ‘borrow’ jean’s copy of OS X. I’m sure I’d feel different about OS X if i didn’t have to use the apple one-button mouse. It’s like trying to use a mouse with a wrist stump and no hand.

It’s saturday – clothes washing day. This house is on stumps. The washing machine rocks the whole joint. When it really gets going I yell out, “Aye Cap’n, I dinna know if she canna take much moore!”, and rightly so. It’s kinda fun to be sitting here and the card table wobbles and the monitor shakes. I just stepped out of the room for a moment, and now – what do I see?: Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America has jumped a full five feet off the top of the book case and is lying at my feet.

It’s super-nerdy, but I’m really excited about the prospect of this blosxom web-logging set up. It seems really versatile and has all the required features. To post an entry you tap it out in your fave text editor then ftp it into a folder on the website and that’s it — also – can be sent via email, which is neat. And it’s a good way to get back to the basics of HTML. Just wish I had more time to muck around, but lots of reading zen to be done.

When I mentioned that I wasn’t in a hurry to get Red hat 8 because all the main things I use were working really well, they of course, began to stuff up – both noatun and XMMS are somehow screwed, and konqueror and Kate are a bit dodgey all of a sudden. So that was enough excuse for me to zip a money order down to the post office and begin waiting eagerly for red hat 8 to show up in the mail.

Success with the ben q CDRW so far has been partial. It’s probably just the music match thing which I heaped praise on way too quickly, but even with two-second gaps inserted into audio CDs the ghetto blaster can’t flip through to specific tracks – it’s all got to be played as one, and then when it gets to the end of the CD it doesn’t stop as normal – the disc starts spinning faster and faster until I open it to get it out. Odd. Will give Nero a try today.

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