Clowns in IT

First of all, I couldn’t help having the cynical chuckle at the Clown Commandments – I can think of incidents where almost all of them were broken, and to fit all seven commandment breakings into one situation, now that’d be a good story.
And, at first i baulked at the thought of clowns using apple computers, but it makes sense – the bright colours and all.
Clowns have a long and proud history as early adopters, if not innovators of information technologies. Take the seltzer bottle, the clown takes a device that otherwise has no use as a purveyor of information, and transforms it into an almost similtaneous, one-way communications device. The flower that sqirts water is a similar example. And honking big red noses are on a different level completely.

Had a proper look through the resources page at blogroots and there’s some interesting looking web logging tools in there – alternatives to movable type, that is.

also – an errata – as incorrectly stated in yesterday’s post, I apparently did not make the pizza bases, jean did. I just grated the cheese etc.
– Check this out for simplicity – and a clean slate from which to work on. blosxom – and it’s open source.

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