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Got around to having a proper go of the ben q cdrw tonight. Have been waiting on great wisdom from without – at helpscreen as to how to get gnome-toaster, or KonCD working but no one has spoken. So I hoisted all my schnaffled Boards of Canada songs across to windows95 and did it there. I installed Music Match jukebox because I wanted to have a quick listen to some of them to make sure they sounded okay transitioning (that’s DJ-speak for one song ending and another starting ) and I find that it also does burning in there, and the little spruik screens just seemed to pop up at the right time to entice me to give it a try with that rather than the Nero program that came in the box.
I have to say that music match is a nifty little app. I used to use it way-back-when I’d not even heard of Linux. It lets you have 5 free burns, then you have to pay for the premium version if you want to keep using it to burn with. The other limitation was that it’d only burn at 4x speed, but that seemed a fairly reasonable speed to me. I can’t imagine 40x, that’s hardly enough time to make a cuppa tea.
I spent the most time deciding which tracks would go where. They wizzed off pretty quickly, the first I forgot to put little gaps in between – so the ghetto blaster has trouble finding the start of track 12 (for eg.) But it’s pretty amazing – am listening to one now – it’s great to hear these songs that’ve been stuck in the box for ages – to hear that there actually is bass in there.

Upgraded to movable type 2.5 last night, but i don’t notice much difference. There was no catastrophic screw-ups thankfully. I know they put this search function in here – but I can’t werk it out – there is now one here in the internal screen – like a search function for me, so that I can check how many times I’ve used the phrase “space wheat” for example. But I thought what they were on about was a search function for the external – like the one I stuck down the side of the front page a while back.
Am having second thoughts about changing to Pivot. It keeps wiggin’ out on me here on the YS server. I can’t get the file permissions right. I grudgingly accept that movable type has worked well over these last three months. Only rarely has it happened that after saving + rebuilding a template has it not quite gone through properly, and I’ve had to hit the rebuild button again. It’s pretty sturdy really. But i just wish their licensing situation was different.
What if I wanted to set up a website for a small business – like a tourismo joint somewhere down here, and I recommended that one way that they could keep their site from looking so static was to have a weblog-like front going where they could post special deals, or other events that were happening down this way, afterall, any idiot can work movable type. Unfortunately, to do this legally, they’d have to pay 300 bucks australian Crikey! Just because it was being used in a vaguely commercial way.
That’s why I like Pivot.

Made pizza tonight – made the base as well. It sits on the pan in the oven – but the base doesn’t cook properly like that – so had to scoop it out and sit it on the rails after ten minutes of so. Was an enormous hassle. Must look into some sort of pizza moving invention. tasted pretty good.

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