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The colour of most things that are dead make it fairly apparent that they’re dead. What I mean is everthing inanimate, and -y’know plants, coral move – just slowly … and plucking a living bit off and expecting it to keep its living colour is folly.
This mineral, lime n’ lemon (which is dead) somehow defies this law though. – Although, sadly, it just ain’t the same in this picture. To look at it sitting in front of you is quite different. Reminds me of these terrible thirsts I used to get, and blue creamy soda always drew me to it – it looked so damn thirst quenching, but ultimately wasn’t.
Catch myself thinking about colour more than normal when I start thinking about page design. Try as I might – there’s colours out there (he says, pointing out the window) – of alive things – like the bright blue of the sky on a sunny day, that (so far) can’t be reproduced. It’s funny how the shade of blue changes over coastline too. I don’t notice it so much here, but further down the coast like around apollo bay, where the forest goes pretty much right to the beach, the blue seems lighter or cleaner or something.

Mucking around more with the cdrw. Is working as a normal cdrom with Linux, but haven’t burned or rewrote anything yet. It works in win95 no probs.

Days like today I get the distinct impression that the truth and transcendence teacher at school does in fact have no qualifications and hasn’t studied anything, but is an extremely good bullshite artist and also is manic. Awfully entertaining.

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