(Almost) live from the engine room

I bought a CD-RW device today. I tried very hard not to mention it here before it happened for fear of jinxing it. Whenever I say I’m going to do something, or something is gonna happen ahead of time, invariably it doesn’t.
It’s a Ben Q 40-burn, 12- greylead pencil, 48- read. I can’t say much yet – will do a proper review when i’ve had a go and got linux to recognise it properly. It does see it, but I think I’ve got to do a little tinkering with Linuxconf. Got around the fact of those slackers at ZDNet not having the Linux Hardware Database online by taking a look at what everythinglinux recommended – they don’t stock stuff unless it works with linux.
I’d been meaning to get into the engine room for a while – to do a spring clean dust out. The thing slotted in fairly easily, and I didn’t even end up bleeding from ripping the metal blank out of the slot! Now that’s progress.

Had some wacky dreams last night – not wacky-good either. i haven’t remembered any dreams for a while.
My theory is that everyone’s got these ‘landscapes’ where their dreams will often return to. Sometimes their fairly explainable like the highschool that you went (I was there a bit last night, climbing up lockers with only my arms) … but sometimes there’s other types of places – like old neighbourhoods (again, that sounds explainable) but, I find, the longer it’s been since I’ve physically been to one of those places – the landscape bends when in dreamland.
A train station. – I end up here often. It’s like a mix of Geelong station and Jollimont/MCG. And tunnels under the lines – I don’t know what they symbolise but they always factor into it.
Last night I was taking it too casually – and I missed the train. I managed to (on the run alongside it as it was speeding up) force the doors open and throw my suitcase (??) in but after that it was moving too fast and the tunnel it goes into was fast approaching. Mildly troubling, I suppose – losing the suitcase n’ all.
But then again – considering the crazy shit I’ve been reading through of late – that really isn’t too bad.

I got the assignment in today. really don’t know how it’ll go.

Anyway – it’s really cool having this CDRW thing. Now I’ll be able to back all of the /home directory up. I do intend to get Red Hat 8 in a while, but I wanted to do a clean install when I do, because it feels like there’s a lot of trash floating around. I imagine I’ll still buy RH 8. I don’t know if ISO dowwnloads are resumable. If they are then I might try something that can kick off off of one disc like Gentoo. We’ll see.

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date: 2002-10-07-21-35
Getting RH8.0 this week I hope – I ordered it of EverythingLinux last week =). The .iso download is too big for me to justify not buying it.
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Yeah, I would’ve had my order in by now if funds hadn’t been diverted to the CDRW.
But actually compared to when 7.3 came out, i don’t feel any where near as impatient to have a go of Bluecurve. Am pretty happy with the way most of these apps are running, and probably putting most of the tinkering urge into web stuff.

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