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I’ve really only presented the negative side of what could possibly happen in the future. Here’s something that’s a bit more optimistic: creating friendly AI. All this stuff together is rather mind blowing for me. For a little while I was freaking out BIGTIME, but really, anything could happen, and as always, all I have is the moment – right … now.
So the assignment is a bit all over the place at this late stage in the game. I’ve had to modify the question to fit the answer – I hope that’s okay. And it’s indicative of how big the issue is (or how close to philosophy it is) when there’s a lot of sentences in there that end with a “?
I’d like to say I’ll do a longer more comprehensive and better explained (and hyperlinked up) version of it to put on here, but I should jsut face it – homework is homework, and I only do it when there’s something sharp and pointy threatening to jab me.

Finally got a plain vanilla set up of pivot running on this unix server, here, so now comes the process of figuring how to transfer archives.

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