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If I’d written this a day or two ago it probably would’ve been titled WE’RE ALL DOOMED! (it’s a great phrase really – applicable to any situation: sitting with friends, they eventually turn to you, “Hey {insert your name here}, what’s wrong? You haven’t said anything. Say something”, you: “WE’RE ALL DOOMED!”. Doesn’t have to be loud either, just in a deep clear voice. May have to use it the next time the bus driver asks me how I’m going.)

But I’ve hit on a reason why this supposed spike or `technological singualrity’ re: computing power, may never reach the point where computers become smarter than us. See, the problem is that capitalism is inherrent illogical. This supra-artificial intelligence couldn’t be built without giving it the capability to create other sharper computer intelligence – it’d be pretty pointless if it couldn’t.
This intelligence would see the wastage etc of capitalism – and either (if it’s a good robot) set things straight, and usurp power from the elite, or (neutral robot) just take power anyway, and implement a more efficient system, which wouldn’t be good for any human – including the power elite, so therefore they won’t allow it to happen.
There’s also the paradox that the only way to get such an entity to see from a capitalist point of view (that is if the power elite were to instill human qualities into it, such as greed) then it leads on that the thing would want to take over the world as a dictator, again – spoiling the cappos fun.
This is all just one of many theories.
But take the example of solar power. Whatever loose or tight organisation of Those in Control has kept solar power from developing for 20 or thirty years. They show us these pathetic bug-shaped “cars” and tell us that solar power is coming along nicely!
If science is a juggernaut out of control, and sceintists are only interested in fulfilling their own sense of achievement, then why have none of them devolped a passenger plane that’s solar powered? Answer: they probably have, but Shell and BP are keeping it in the backroom til a time when there just ain’t no more money to be made from petroleum.
I think that maybe the only reason why computer processing power has been zipping along the way it has, is because (so far) it’s not rocking any boats, and it’s ushering in the so called “information age”.
Tonight at least, my guess is that they’ll pull it up right before it hits sentience.

I don’t think this is a bad thing. Some of the other possibilities are pretty alarming, and I don’t think humanity’s anywhere near ready to go transhuman or posthuman or cyborgian – or how ever yoou want to phrase it.

This page is on the issue of the Technological Singularity, and is a pretty good one. Some of the other stuff on that site is kind of dippy though – but this one is good.

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