where’s that hammer gone?

At about 4 yesterday the feeling of impending homework-doom set back in so now it’s hammer n’ anvil time again. Going to properly read the full unabomber manifesto today, because there’s some really interesting points from an anti-technology perspective in there – or at least there seemed to be the last time I skimmed through. Plus, I’ve been waiting all year for an opportunity to add the unabomber to the reference list of an assignment for uni. hahah!

The glow worm thing the other night was okay. Saw glow worms. They’re like faint stars; if you look directly at them they seem to disappear – only noticable when looking to the side. It was mostly supposed to be about possums, but didin’t see any – we see possums around here now and then anyway. But did see a few koalas. The look off live koalas is totally different to pictures – it’s almost like they look more alive in pictures. Seeing them – they reminded me of old men in a sauna. It was a mildly chilly night, but looking into the forest – they looked like they were hot, and every movement was an effort. And then there was a whole bunch of facinating facts about native fauna, which I might get back to when time is not so pressing.

What’s the damn problem with the Linux Hardware Database? I really need to look something up and they can’t keep their website operational.
Pivot experiments are coming along. The Pivot author, Bob the Otter actually checks the Piv support forum these days – which is great, so I was able to get some suggestions.

Speaking of disturbing telly – have been watching surprise chef again these last couple of weeks (because it will soon be time to do a write up on the 2nd season) and have been flicking to it a couple of minutes before starting – and getting an eyeful of Dr.Harry – Harry’s Practice? – i don’t know what it’s called – hardcore family programming, supposedly. The other week they had this little story about a family that went on hols and put their dog in a kennel. The dog went nuts, and now is seriously fucked up. All day long it runs around in circles trying to get to its own tail to gnaw it off. There was this patch of worn down ground in the backyard where it went around and around and around….

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