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Have been mucking around all day getting things a little more sorted here. i realised that the process of getting the searcher straight to the entry they’re after – so have added that master archive for the engines to catalogue. It’ll take a couple of months to turn over, but everything’s a gradual process.

Was working of the tables project this morning, which i’d decided to code name `tabula rasa’ (you see, everything of any worth has to have a code name these days. I was thinking about code names last night … whistler, palamino, coppermine, traktopel, guiness, enigma, seawolf, bluecurve, thoroughbred, … hmmm – that’s all I can think of right now. I reckon AMD have the biggest potential for dippy-sounding code names. But these working titles are flying around all over the place these days. Was thinking it’d be fun to keep a record of all the code names.
Anyway – I was fiddling around and realised that it was that self-promoting movable-type bubble that was causing all the grief — so it looks like I won’t need to go to tables afterall. Sweet. This morning at least – IE was showing a mysterious one-pixel difference, so it’s still not perfectly swish, but eh – it’s a hullofa lot better (that is unless it weirdofied again when it went back live).

Also – mucking around with the latest version of Pivot, tried it in a folder here, but the permissions are all screwed. But got it going over on the digital rice server (which runs windows, so no chmodding at all) – expera installation temporarily titled oil rig. I don’t know why.
Pivot seems to be running a lot better. i didn’t realise they had the syndication set up on it either. Pivot’s licensing situation seems way better than the movable type EULAs. I’d like to transfer back over to it, but if I do it’ll be an extremely gradual and thought out process.
Dunno what I’ll do with the oil rig thing – maybe do it as a car racing specific weblog.

Jean’s younger sisters are coming over this evening. We’re going further down the coast to Lorne to look for glow worms or fire flies or something like that. Jean’s very much wanting them to have a nice time because last time they stayed with her, years ago, she made them share bowling shoes. Shocking.

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