Mandrake …?

Am feeling a tad materially unfulfilled – would love some new hardware or software to play with, but it’s all just window shopping at the moment. I noticed over at everythingLinux that Mandrake do a cheapy personal version of their releases, similar to what Red Hat do. Don’t think I’d want to get it, but it’s interesting to note. They’re almost up to realsing their 9.0. Also there seems to be this equation that goes – the easier a distribution is to install, the more fiddly the package updating procedure is.

A dual processor motherboard would also be pretty cool.

The local annual wildflower show was on here in town this weekend. Glad I’m not a hayfever sufferer because the town hall was absolutely *swimming* in airborne stuff. I took the camera but for some reason didn’t take any fotos. Flowers still don’t excite me all that much, but there were some stuffed animals set up in life-like habitats. We pretended to be tourists and went on a little mini-bus tour of a couple of spots that had wild flowers growing, along with a bunch of oldies. Old people really can be useful sometimes – they knew all the names of these flowers.
I bought a small book titled What Parrot is That? which has some excellent fotos in it, so I might have a bit of scanner-fun with that sometime soon.

One week’s `holiday’ in a week. Of course there will still be plenty of study to do – but hey, who am I to complain?

Am about to humble myself at the feet of web page design. I admit defeat – my powers of .CSS just don’t cut it. It’s bugging me too much to pull up the front page here – on IE and see it out of whack. I’m going back to tables.

I added the `powered by red hat’ .gif down the side there. In the end it’s just another corporation really, but I thought worthwhile to identify myself as a Linux user, rather than just have people assume I’m using windows, like the majority of folk.

Borat etc.

The unofficial borat page is here. He does that accent really well. i remember some other time on telly a month or two back, some guy from the mid east was being interviewed, I was only listening and not watching, and I thought `gee that sounds just like borat. And that bit where he went to Cambridge the other week was a cack – that uptight american kid and all.

Have been mucking around with another visitor-stats system – axs by fluid dynamics. It sets cookies, so – sorry about the cookies – to those of you who haven’t accepted a comments cooky from here yet, or those of you who aren’t using IE (which undiscerningly accepts cookies faster than a flock of trainee Mormons). It doesn’t log the google search words either, but anyway. Am hunting around for another system because ADvlogger has gone all cappo and wants people to pay for the new version. i know AWstats is the best one out there, and it’s GPL — I think I can run it too, but the set up instructions are awfully complicated.

A few times I’ve wondered what other people’s cooky habits are. With Opera, (what I mainly browse with) I do cookies on an individual basis depending on the site, and i didn’t realise how big the cookie filter list had become – it’s definitely something I want to back up and make sure i don’t have to go through all that clicking yes/no again.

snafu city

Boy is my face red. In technocultures today mr.TB was explaining the invention of the coal lamp – and how it was reputed to have save thousands of miners lives, when in fact, more miners died because of it compared to when they didn’t have it. And then he goes on to how Bhopal was kind of similar .. and it hit me – that that wasn’t an actual union Carbide ad in his book, it was a reproduction of it – I flip through it, and yes, I was wrong-O back here. Of course I didn’t tell him that I’d mistakenly given his book a publicly “disappointed look” on here. How’s that for research skills?, he says sarcastically. Next time I’ll have to be a bit more thorough than just reading half then flipping through the rest and looking at whatever pictures popped up. But in my defense, usually if a book examples something like that, they usually caption it too, explaining why it’s there.

Also had some spectacularly bad luck with timing and attempting to meet up with jean this evening.. I was at uni waiting aroung after class, mucking around in the mac computer room, which is much nicer than the Acer pit, but the macs won’t accept cookies, thus I can’t post on here from there. I look up at the clock, only 4pm, so moseied on over to the mature (machure) age student room and had a cup of tea and read this interview (it’s great that it’s online too) – which just R0x0r if you’re a rocket-science lovin’/UFO tech fan/evil Nazi german science hatin’/area 51 spotting type.
5pm rolled around and i head out to meet jean, who was picking me up, and I thinks – “Ithought the days were getting longer? Awfully dark… and I get over there and realise it was six o’clock – and the last two clocks in the last two rooms I was sitting in were both an hour late.
The clouds were low, it was starting to rain and getting darker and jean was nowhere to be seen, which was fair enough considering I was an hoour off the mark. … I could go on – but needless to say – there were numerous connections that we just missed from uni – all the way into town, then back out to belmont.
i always seem to be wearing the heavy coat when it’s sunny and I don’t need it, and wearing the thin one when it’s cold, rainy and I’m stuck in the wind, waiting.

on a brighter note, SF at Core gave Shiny Metal Rods! a pleasantly surprising plug. It’s funny – that makes me wish I’d put a bit more effort into it more than getting the 75% mark from school, which was the main reason why I wrote it (as in I had to) — 75 is okay, but if I’d put more than a weekend into it it could’ve easily done better.

Shiny Metal Rods!

I finally got the Shiny Metal Rods! story stuck up, complete with the overview that the mr.TB needed because he couldn’t understand it otherwise – funny – I thought all the assignment writing would’ve restyled me into being less obscure, but there ya go. Could do with some more work though; too much tell, not enough show – part of the hassle of having to keep it within 1200 words.

hardware mumbles etc.

I tell ya that O’Reilly website is big – i only just discovered they have an open source section. And there’s a review of one of their own books called Essential Blogging: Selecting and Using Weblog Tools, with a sample chapter.
There’s so many things I want to mention, the least not being, poor old Jonathan gennick, who says he suffers from tourettes syndrome. I must be the type of person that’s the bane of people like his existence, because i can’t help but think of it in a comical way. I can’t think of any other medical condition that so little is known about by people in general, but which gets in the media a lot because it’s so funny. i just get these visions of bart simpson twitching and making weird grunting sounds and going, “grr, shuddup, hell, damn, fart”.
Speaking of blogging as a phenomenon, seems to be a wacking great rash of newbies popping up on the aussie blogs updater page — and they’re all using blogspot. Where’s the patience and sweat of learning HTML etc. in that I asks ya… Yes I’m pooh-poohing.
The OSDir section of O’reilly says they want people reviewing apps. I do that already!

i spent quite a bit of time hopelessly awake in the darkness last night and got to thinking about this datamachine, Jugger — I s’pose it’s been about ten months since I put it together, and i was thinking about what I’d do different in hindsight – re: purchase of bits. I was thinking that if the roof blew off and a tree crashed into Spouting headquarters and smashed Juggernaut, I wouldn’t be too heart-broken. That is, because we have insurance. In fact I was thinking of coming in here and just kicking its side in and telling mr.insuranceman that the tree did it … but of course not until i’d unscrewed the hard drive.
My datas … I feel a little precious toward.
Bits; the LG flatron 795ft+ — this is actually really great – Given the opportunity to pick all the bits again, this is the one thing I’d get again — the monitor.
– The full tower case: does the job okay, but seems like overkill. Somehow i had this idea that I’d be filling it up with all sorts of drives straight away. Would go a middle-sized case instead.
– The Ibm maxtor 40gig hard drive, again – has done the job (so far, cross fingers) – but when getting it I had this naive biggotty attitude that IBM’s namebrand meant something re: quality when it came to hard disks. It turns out i couldda got a Western Digital for less dough, and apparently, better quality.
– The Creative Soundblaster live 5.1 sound card – also does the job, but considering I’ll probably only ever have two … uhm wonderful little speakers attached to the machine, a cheaper card would’ve done. I could always get a set of 5 speakers, but frankly, I’m not too confident that there’s much support for fine-tuning sound-arrangement under Linux.
The other thing is, I’m actually not all that keen on listening to music from the computer. It feels a bit too `in my face’ – prefer the ghetto blaster behind me.
– The Sony 12x dvd rom – I’m ashamed to say I’ve never actually watched a dvd on it. Again – I’m not quite sure about how easy (and what quality) this is to run with Linux … and again – that’s what the telly is for. I don’t think I could sit here to watch stuff.
On that point – a CDRW would’ve been infinitely more useful: to extract schnaffled musics from the machine (so they could be played nicer on the ghetto blaster) — and to back up the all-important /home directory, so that I could mess around with different OSes without wiping everything.
– The Soltek 75-DRV motherboard – promised a lot – and has done terribly at delivering. I s’pose I shouldn’t complain too much – it doesn’t shut down on me halfway through vital tasks, but the onboard “RedStorm” overclocking thing never worked without wrecking the partitions, and the front-side-bus only runs at 100Mhz, not 133, which makes my Athlon 1gigHz chip effectively a 750Mhz chip, which is no fun. I’ve tried everything to get it going at its normal speed, but it won’t do it without making the whole thing unusably shakey.
-RAM is RAM, what can be said about it?

So, I think this time around I’d go try a pentium chip, and some motherboard that was solid. I’ve heard good and bad reports about all of them – so I really don’t know.
Oh, and the apple pro keyboard, is fine – keep that, same with the old PS/2 A4tech wheely mouse, same with the swannsmart2 dial-a-modulator/demodulator.

little pig, little pig, let me in

Am feeling a bit zombified this morning (How many times have I started off posts with that phrase?) — was a hell-night here last night. Furious winds – I thought the roof was gonna blow off. Was rather noisy and combined with the unusually super-ultra-mild 20degrees at night temperature, I didnae get much sleep.
Thankfully I don’t have to think much today. Just the lecture this morn. Am in the Uni datamachine-lab-hole — all these acer machines are humming madly together. Homework-wise I can’t remember ever being in this much of a favourable situation. I got the psychol. report finished a 3 or 3:30 yesterday arvo, and the other assignment that I was freaking out about (because I thought it was due today) actually isn’t due til next week – but I already got it done! I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned that – my memory get bad when I’m tired.
So, at the start of week nine of the sememster I’m finally up to full-speed. And it’s a bonus that there’ll only be two exams this time ’round.

Lot’s of tourismo in anglesea yesterday. Doesn’t take much to bring ’em out – two (week end) days of 25+ and the Great Ocean Road fills right up.

A tree from the neighours across the back fell down in the wind. Fell across our fence – just a little wire one which’ll bounce back. And the tree was kinda tall but thin. I’m surprised we didn’t see more wreckage on the way into geelong.

head done in

This will be a lame entry because i have little to say other than my head is a bit rooted from hammering psychology statistics all day. Trying to nut shit out. Got it done though! Not completely, but it’s the downward slide now – tomorrow can breathe a little easier. It kind of reminds me of getting a real pain-in-the-arse .tar.gz app. to install — and the bugger just won’t work for some reason, and I try this and try that – but it still won’t install. But if it was just an app. i would give up — but can’t with this psychol. report – so battle on – and at last I got it figured – and it’s been a while since i had that sense of achievement, of figuring something out that’s actually challenging. Is different to the arts subjects, where it’s more of a plug on, plug, plug process which eventually gets done without mind-bending.

Twenny-four dah-grees here today, Sweet. bring it on. Is it wrong to love the smell of your own sweat? Hell No!

tinfoil head gear

Via the magic mirror, i just discovered that the GospaceJump story is google no.5 for “tinfoil head gear”. I got this feeling welling up in me that … I would really really like to be at the top of that pile, but i should actually do something, rather than just mention the words.

I’m procrastinating. There should be a law or a decree against doing homework on such gorgeous days – and friday arvos especially.

Zen-king, Mr.Kookaburra was hanging out here earlier.


set the controls for…

Tuesday. Next Tuesday, between 4 and 7pm AEST Tough Culture‘s Jonathan Alley will be interviewing Barry Adamson on RRR. They also stream live for the folk outside the reaches of 102.7FM.

I got back `Shiny Metal Rods!’ the other day. Got 75% for it, which is pretty good considering. It’s only supposed to be a fragment of a story – so you’d imagine kinda hard to put all the bits together, but i still feel like I did too much telling, not enough show. But mr.TB – the lecturer says in the comments that he didn’t get it ’til he read the action replay + commentary at the end. i didn’t think it was that hard to unnerstand. There was only two people in that class on Wednesday; this is what happens when there is no exam, and teach doesn’t give us a break in the middle of a double session. Slackers. A shame, because i think it’s a really interesting subject – teKnoKulcha, that is. Have been reading the little book that mr.TB wrote himself which is titled, Technoscience Worlds, which is okay – I might do a proper write up when i’ve read the whole thing. From 1991, and unfortunately (as are the perils of being published by academia, and therefore the state) towards the back there’s a full page ad for Union Carbide – the company that screwed up bigtime in Bhopal, India during the 80s, killing at least 6000 people because of a toxic gas leak. A find it terrible-ironic that this should be the ad in a book that, in part, talks about the possible catastropy of science getting out of control, and who is accountable for what science gets up to.(see above)
But the same as when people mess up, Union Carbide was able to move, and change it’s name to Dow. Actually, a person would be put in gaol for that kind of thing. We should start executing corporations when they do stuff like this.

I chopped up the ancient archives into smaller portions for easier searching, and made the 404 a little friendlier.

Convergence and chaos

Watched a video last night – saw `Amelie’ – very nice movie. So refreshing to see a movie that didn’t have product-placement thrown around everywhere. i really admire the French for not bending over to English-speaking cultural imperialism. The story structure was very different to what hollyweird would produce too. It made everything Hollyweird (including the comedies seem grim and gun-filled.) I’m sure that in Europe that movie wouldn’t have been considered arthouse – and so, niche-holed to short runs and specialised cinemas as it pretty-much was here.
It was filmed just around the corner from where our `french connection’ lives, (well okay jean’s travel-buddy girlfriend) And I kind of wonder would France really look that nice, or is just because this was a move and the colours and lighting were done nice. Do they have big Coca-cola billboards, but they just weren’t shot in the movie, or other things i’ve seen?
I thought it was kind of odd how they didn’t start the (special effects) magic realism type stuff ’til half way through.

Re this post’s title: We have (Oh i don’t know) a 38cm tv – it’s a fairly reasonable size, but because of the way the movie was reproduced to video – by whatever company 9 Roadshow or whoever the hell they are — it was probably made for wide-screen tv or something — but we ended up watching a 6inch band of film in the middle of the telly, and then with subtitles over a quarter of that. The thing really was using just over a third of the screen space.
Hey TV/Video Peoople?!!? What about us Normals who can’t afford a freakin’ $8000 TV Just Yet??? It’s all a bit messes up – mediums like tv being split into so many levels; normal, wide-screen, digital, high-definition. Where are the regulating bodies in charge of this?
It strikes me that it’s the same with motherboards too. There’s so many specifics – this chip won’t work with that board, and there’s so many types of RAM now. It’s one thing to move ahead — but should things have to get this atomised to make that move?

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-09-12-18-12
I think in europe the 14:9 format is pretty popular – I have seen plenty a TVShop that 10 years ago that carried these models. That might be why =). I did see Amelie as well. It’s cute – nice way they integrated the effects to be part of the story – not the other way around =)
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-09-12-21-47
About the effects – yeah – I hadn’t thought of it that way.