going tabula rasa with tables

Finally started the repostioning project – all still in the hangar though. Popped through to the wondows95 partition earlier to check IE with the current layout of this page, it’s too frustrating.
Wasted vast amounts of time today, but did discover that 17 santas met for a conference at Hotel Arctic in Greenland, during 1995. Had a little idea that it’d be fun to write a story made up only of things found on the net.

Those dingleberries at Heinz soup should get their act together. How hard is it to create a label for a tin of soup that’s clear and simple. I mean, it’s not an art form for crying out loud. I got half a mouthful of “tuscan bean and tomato” in my mouth before I realised it had freakin’ bacon in it. It doesn’t say bacon or meat anywhere on the can except the fine print in ingredients. It’s not even visible in the damn picture. I intend to write them a stern email.

It was kind of a surprise to see the author of the `30 days’ thing pop up at Core: here. I don’t know if I’m cynical or overly suspicious about people’s motivations. I thought I was going easy on him – was originally going to comment on the possible overuse of prozac on the part of the author, but let it slide. [Mental note to self- more delineation needed between spouting spout/writing style and Core article style.]
Even though I’m always swimming back upstream through the pipes to see where people came from, I occasionally forget that other people do too.
Why is there no rippling australian flag .GIF animation in the top corner of my site? i dunno. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one anywhere. Funny that… odd but understandable.

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