DIY palaeontology

Digging holes and building walls would have to come up 1. and 2. in primal boyish pursuits. Digging holes really is fun – I’d have huge holes all over the backyard if it was a bit bigger. Got to do a bit of diggging today – getting the veggie garden set up. Soil’s very find and almost sand-like but we put heaps of compost in there too. The shovel kept bending … need a better shovel. jean got a flying bug in her ear – had to pour water in there and drown it.
Nothing planted yet – that’s next week.

I can empathise with Jeremiah newbie, back here – I’m using Noatun [there’s another of those wackily named Linux apps] – the KDE music player – on “random” but it seems to have its favourites and only occasionally do they click with mine. Hearing the Sen˜or Coconut version of Tour de France once a day is enough.

Nice to see the X Files back on telly. i like that John Doggett guy – got an affinity with him somehow. Probably the `being the act after the hard-act-to-follow’ thing – but only in the metaphorical sense. And him sitting around on a saturday arvo, cleaning his gun and watching NASCAR – that’s just what I do! (except for the gun bit … and the crapwagon NASCAR bit).
I wonder if that Lone gunmen spin-off got off the ground?

Actually – speaking of car racing there was a nice article about Alex Zanardi in the weekend australian mag. The main points in his life read a lot like the `journey of the hero’ mythical type structure, except that he’s still alive and could get involved in more adventures. It’d be great if he took up a team-owner position in CART.

Oh – and the palaeontology bit – while digging out there – hit this thing that looked kind of like an pipe – but was an old, thin tree trunk that’d been hollowed out. Very strange looking.

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