It’s been so long since I read any Irvine Welsh that i wouldn’t have much chance of pulling off writing this entry in coloquial scottish, but I do remember fitba’ = football.
For the record, i was brought up a geelong supporter. This could not go on with any seriousness passed the age of 13 otherwise i would’ve suffered irrepairable psychological damage. Being a contented supporter of the geelong football club is about as easy as pushing a glass of water off the table with mindpower.
When the Brizzie Bears (yes, it really needs to be spelt that way) hit the scene, i rebelled against the family and started secretly barracking for them. I was drawn to the *koff* unconventional colour scheme of magenta n’ mustard, and that dynamically angry koala emblem emblazoned across the front of the shirt. But it was a dualist kind of support, because i was still taken to many-a geelong home game at kardinia park. Geelong had/has? a habit of doing really well and all the time, you saying to yourself, ‘I don’t care that they’re doing well, they’re a buncha losers’ — and then just as you give in and do really care they die in the arse.
i went off brizzy when those fitzroy johnny-come-lately’s showed up. They lost the koala and the colours. For a while i thought it was worth keeping up with the fitba for the sake of conversation. But now i don’t know anyone who likes football, which I suppose is an interesting indication of aquaintence elimination. The grandfinal’s (the granny) worth watching because Roy n’ H.G. commentate.

The latest google results are in and after three months of concerted effort, Spouting has made it to the top of the spouting pile. Hooray! i’d like to take a moment to thank Spouting’s Oomphers who oomphed this little website into the light, particularly Core, which has enormous oomp-power. While I’m gushing gratefulness – y’know, there’s probably thousands of movable type installations out there on the net and all of them by default have the “syndicate this site” feature – but Spouting can proudly say that we are one of the few that actually is being syndicated via Core. As the surfers would say, Lampin’!

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-09-28-14-54
Personally I like the writing style, others may go because they are drawn to the colour scheme. Glad to see the core sends you many an intrigued “browser”. Keep up ze gut work. =) (oh and my greetings to Google because GOOGLE ROCKs =) ..)
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-09-29-15-30
Hehe – yeah the colour scheme… it’s all down hill after this one.

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