Does your mother know where you’re blogging tonight?

I’ve just been spurred on to follow through on this entry by Tony who seems to be in the same boat. I was humming and harring for several weeks about telling my mum the address of my blog. Acually, it sounds like Tony was tracked down – i gave myself up voluntarily. i was wondering if I’d start self-editing myself more, and not-swearing where normally i would swear. But it doesn’t seem to bother me – she knows what I’m like (and of course most of this weblog is boring and incomprensible computer jargon). In fact, mum left a furtive comment in the guestbook – probably not wanting to embarrass me. “Hi Mum”, he says waving feebly.
What did put the fear of god into me was when jean told her mum about spouting. I won’t lie to you, there were some hasty corrections a-going on with the virtual red texta that night. :^P

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