what & stitch?

There’s a kiddy-movie out now called Lilo & stitch and all the talking heads are pronouncing it Lee-Lo. What does this mean? Is the Linux boot Loader is also pronounced this way – – and I’ve been pronouncing it Lie-Lo…

Have decided to embark on a domestic campaign to route out typoes and mis-spellings whereever they lurk within this site.

I don’t have a lot to say. I’m tired.
Speaking of corporate opportunities for product placement via the big screen, jean went to see `goldmember’ last night. I refused to go on account of the AOhelL-reeking hype. Sure there’s lots of movies that fit into that category, but Mike Myers – have you sold your soul? Apparently there was some pretty blatant Starbucks entertain-mercials in there.

What I think would be cool is if there was some way that I could place a “name” style anchor on pages on foreign pages – that is web pages not in my control. Say – from here I want to link to a web page, but it’s long and there’s only one little bit four fifth’s of the way down the page that i want to refer to – it’d be great if there were someway of placing a `virtual thumbtack’ on that spot that wasn’t bother the page’s owner.

Did you know there’s a google weblog? I think it’s interesting. I’m facinated by the technical side of how that engine works. The only way to find out stuff is by playing with it and keeping tabs on when it updates things.
The magic mirror tells me someone using french-google googled my name yesterday – my real name. There are other beings out there who share the same alpha-numeric combination as me (and they get top rankings in that little pile, which is just fine with me). One of those odd little mysteries i’ll never get an explanation for. the reason why I’m so taken with knowing what people are looking for – and what brings them here is because it’s like people-watching. There’s all sorts of weird, wonderful and bizarre combinations – from the shudder-worthy “unclothed aunty photos”, to restless, irritable, discontent to the functional Benq DC1300 linux.

Today at school I found out that there’s a 126metre strip of limbo where the border between west australia and south australia/northern territory should be. Once upon a time the Pope devided the world in half so the pirates from Spain and the pirates from Portugal wouldn’t get in each other’s way. Spain was having car-repayment problems and offered 17degrees of the world to Portugal for some quick cash. The original world line cut through south america (that’s why brazil speaks portuguese) and spain got the west coast. The continuation of that line passes by the west coast of WA. But when portugal got the extra bit – it chunked the “spice islands” (indonesia etc.) and that new line a fair bit later – became the west australia border. But for some reason it doesn’t match up down the bottom … but i never found out why.

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Were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin pirates?
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Pedro – I don’t follow… I was talking 400 years ago – that kind of thing.

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