Smoothing it out

I found this page via OSNews – it an xft hack which makes typefaces in OpenOffice.Org and KDE look nicer. And here I was thinking they were as nice as they could get. i haven’t tried applying it yet.

When does daylight savings start? Soon I hope. The birds started at 5:35 this morning. They go beserk saying, “It’s a new day! It’s a new day!”. I admire the enthusiasm, but it’s not such a brilliant time to be waking for me. Although, my hat flies off to the people who do. i went outside for a minute then – and eventhough it was mild in temp. it was really foggy – which is highly unusual for here. Would’ve looked excellent on the beach.

Two big assignments for me to do in the coming weeks but I couldn’t ask for much better re: the subject matter. 1. Future trends in technology and 2. Zen. The latter should be a challenge – I’ve got to find the reason and logic in zen buddism. i had to come up with this question myself. On the surface it sounds ridiculously hard, but it has its own logic. I wish i was the type of person who was ballsy enough to do something like draw a few pictures of ducks flying and hand that in, saying `there’, or that old chestnut – a circumferenceless circle (ie. a blank page).
Was re-reading a bit of my fave book on zen this morning – Zen and Japanese Culture by D.T. Suzuki – and got to thinking that one of the big draws of it for me is the slapstick aspect, of which there are numerous examples in the intro- “what is zen?”
What is zen? …. “I do not understand.”
what is zen? ….. “The silk fan gives me enough of a cooling breeze.”
What is zen? …. “Zen.”
And in one audience hall a young monk asked the question, the master walked over to him and slapped him around the face a bit.
The topper is: three garden variety monks bump into a zen monk fresh out of training. One of the monks asked the zen monk, “How deep is the river of zen?” on account of them meeting on a bridge. The zen monk says “Find out for yourself”, and promptly grabbed the other monk by the collar and was going to chuck him over the side when the other two intervened and apologised.
Ah, I dig it, but if i was to practice it I’d just get arrested.

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