I got this “shinning” thing

I do i tells ya!
Right back here I mentioned that I was reading Alice got lucky’s weblog. I spent a while reading through the archive, but she wasn’t updating much in the present. But one morning a week later (or something like that) I woke up and had this thought that there’d be something new there that day. An odd thing to think at that time of the morning I know, but nevertheless. And surely enough there was a new entry there. [Of course I’d link to this weblog if i could, but it seems to have been swallowed up in the waferbaby mass due to stagnation.]

And then this morning i woke up and — I think actually dreamt about it, but it was one of those situations where all i could remember was that I did actually have a dream about it – and that was this : that Spouting had been added to the ODP. Again you probably all think i must be terribly nerdy for having drams about the my website … what can i say?
Anyway – here we are Spouting – Yak Sox’s journey with Linux, university, product purchases and living in by the beach in Anglesea, Australia..
Oh Golly – now that i look at it – there’s even a grammatical FUBAR in there. Dang – what kind of an editor am I? i just got back home and notice that yesterday’s title was “Splash Sceens” – Holy Guacamole….
As a side note – `Shinning’ is not a typo – it’s a bart simpsonism.
But i get reminded of most of the typoes I make, thanks to the search engines. Spouting has a better chance of getting up there in the ratings with the wacky spellings. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not spelling thing wrongly on purpose (well, most things at least). I don’t want to be known for the words “photot, chequered or thoery”
So it took three months for the ODP to add me. I was starting to think they weren’t going to for some reason.

Just borrowed The Birthday Party’s Peel sessions album from the library. I used to have their album Prayers On Fire on a tape years ago – and funnily enough this peel sessions one almost sounds more toned down. maybe it was just ’cause I used to only listen to them on a too-loud tinny walkman. Such a raw and vile sound – i love it!

name: Alice
url: http://
date: 2002-11-04-11-34
AGL is gone, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently, but right now i don’t have the time or internet access to keep a weblog. However I am terribly flattered you enoyed it while it was in existence 🙂
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-11-04-13-53
Yes I did enjoy your writing, it was the freshest i’d seen in a long time. By the time I felt ballsy enough to leave a comment, there was nowhere to leave it.
I hope you return to journalling land sometime, and I hope your studies are going well.

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