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Goodness me – two posts in one morning? Anyone would think I was procrastinating – yes I’ve burnt my 1 week ahead of schedule situation and it’s back to the grind.

Via OS News found this article about the upcoming red hat release including some screen shots. It’s talking about how RH are integrating KDE and Gnome in order to produce a more polished distro, alledgedly at the expense of individual DTE developers sense of self. It’s funny that they change the default email app. in KDE from Kmail to Evolution, and Gnome’s browser from Galeon – to Moz – because that’s pretty much what i do anyway.
On the screenies – ont the panel – they’ve substitued the KDE “K” and the Gnome “footprint G” for an icon of a red hat — i don’t like that. It’s taken me this long to get used to the idea of a computer system having such an odd name as “red hat’ and frankly – i don’t like the gangsta style red had image, while we’re at it – i don’t like ”the shadowman” either … so there!
The only red hat splash screen I’ve come close to liking was that one that looked like a 1930s strike gathering, a whole bunch of guys and one of them wearing a red hat – kind of like those james boag beer ads.
I really like the new Gnome 2.0 splash screen – the Disco mirror ball scene. And i think my fave splash screen was the old gnome one (maybe Gnome 1.2) of dead grass out of focus. I’ll have to try find a shot of that.
I’d agree that if RH are going to step on developer-toes, then they better do it lightly, and give them some credit. Antoher thing I heard was that they are going to change the names of a whole bunch of the more obscurely titled apps – like Xsane and whatnot. It’s taken me two years to learn those names! You can’t dump ’em now!

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