Mandrake …?

Am feeling a tad materially unfulfilled – would love some new hardware or software to play with, but it’s all just window shopping at the moment. I noticed over at everythingLinux that Mandrake do a cheapy personal version of their releases, similar to what Red Hat do. Don’t think I’d want to get it, but it’s interesting to note. They’re almost up to realsing their 9.0. Also there seems to be this equation that goes – the easier a distribution is to install, the more fiddly the package updating procedure is.

A dual processor motherboard would also be pretty cool.

The local annual wildflower show was on here in town this weekend. Glad I’m not a hayfever sufferer because the town hall was absolutely *swimming* in airborne stuff. I took the camera but for some reason didn’t take any fotos. Flowers still don’t excite me all that much, but there were some stuffed animals set up in life-like habitats. We pretended to be tourists and went on a little mini-bus tour of a couple of spots that had wild flowers growing, along with a bunch of oldies. Old people really can be useful sometimes – they knew all the names of these flowers.
I bought a small book titled What Parrot is That? which has some excellent fotos in it, so I might have a bit of scanner-fun with that sometime soon.

One week’s `holiday’ in a week. Of course there will still be plenty of study to do – but hey, who am I to complain?

Am about to humble myself at the feet of web page design. I admit defeat – my powers of .CSS just don’t cut it. It’s bugging me too much to pull up the front page here – on IE and see it out of whack. I’m going back to tables.

I added the `powered by red hat’ .gif down the side there. In the end it’s just another corporation really, but I thought worthwhile to identify myself as a Linux user, rather than just have people assume I’m using windows, like the majority of folk.

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