Borat etc.

The unofficial borat page is here. He does that accent really well. i remember some other time on telly a month or two back, some guy from the mid east was being interviewed, I was only listening and not watching, and I thought `gee that sounds just like borat. And that bit where he went to Cambridge the other week was a cack – that uptight american kid and all.

Have been mucking around with another visitor-stats system – axs by fluid dynamics. It sets cookies, so – sorry about the cookies – to those of you who haven’t accepted a comments cooky from here yet, or those of you who aren’t using IE (which undiscerningly accepts cookies faster than a flock of trainee Mormons). It doesn’t log the google search words either, but anyway. Am hunting around for another system because ADvlogger has gone all cappo and wants people to pay for the new version. i know AWstats is the best one out there, and it’s GPL — I think I can run it too, but the set up instructions are awfully complicated.

A few times I’ve wondered what other people’s cooky habits are. With Opera, (what I mainly browse with) I do cookies on an individual basis depending on the site, and i didn’t realise how big the cookie filter list had become – it’s definitely something I want to back up and make sure i don’t have to go through all that clicking yes/no again.

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