snafu city

Boy is my face red. In technocultures today mr.TB was explaining the invention of the coal lamp – and how it was reputed to have save thousands of miners lives, when in fact, more miners died because of it compared to when they didn’t have it. And then he goes on to how Bhopal was kind of similar .. and it hit me – that that wasn’t an actual union Carbide ad in his book, it was a reproduction of it – I flip through it, and yes, I was wrong-O back here. Of course I didn’t tell him that I’d mistakenly given his book a publicly “disappointed look” on here. How’s that for research skills?, he says sarcastically. Next time I’ll have to be a bit more thorough than just reading half then flipping through the rest and looking at whatever pictures popped up. But in my defense, usually if a book examples something like that, they usually caption it too, explaining why it’s there.

Also had some spectacularly bad luck with timing and attempting to meet up with jean this evening.. I was at uni waiting aroung after class, mucking around in the mac computer room, which is much nicer than the Acer pit, but the macs won’t accept cookies, thus I can’t post on here from there. I look up at the clock, only 4pm, so moseied on over to the mature (machure) age student room and had a cup of tea and read this interview (it’s great that it’s online too) – which just R0x0r if you’re a rocket-science lovin’/UFO tech fan/evil Nazi german science hatin’/area 51 spotting type.
5pm rolled around and i head out to meet jean, who was picking me up, and I thinks – “Ithought the days were getting longer? Awfully dark… and I get over there and realise it was six o’clock – and the last two clocks in the last two rooms I was sitting in were both an hour late.
The clouds were low, it was starting to rain and getting darker and jean was nowhere to be seen, which was fair enough considering I was an hoour off the mark. … I could go on – but needless to say – there were numerous connections that we just missed from uni – all the way into town, then back out to belmont.
i always seem to be wearing the heavy coat when it’s sunny and I don’t need it, and wearing the thin one when it’s cold, rainy and I’m stuck in the wind, waiting.

on a brighter note, SF at Core gave Shiny Metal Rods! a pleasantly surprising plug. It’s funny – that makes me wish I’d put a bit more effort into it more than getting the 75% mark from school, which was the main reason why I wrote it (as in I had to) — 75 is okay, but if I’d put more than a weekend into it it could’ve easily done better.

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