little pig, little pig, let me in

Am feeling a bit zombified this morning (How many times have I started off posts with that phrase?) — was a hell-night here last night. Furious winds – I thought the roof was gonna blow off. Was rather noisy and combined with the unusually super-ultra-mild 20degrees at night temperature, I didnae get much sleep.
Thankfully I don’t have to think much today. Just the lecture this morn. Am in the Uni datamachine-lab-hole — all these acer machines are humming madly together. Homework-wise I can’t remember ever being in this much of a favourable situation. I got the psychol. report finished a 3 or 3:30 yesterday arvo, and the other assignment that I was freaking out about (because I thought it was due today) actually isn’t due til next week – but I already got it done! I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned that – my memory get bad when I’m tired.
So, at the start of week nine of the sememster I’m finally up to full-speed. And it’s a bonus that there’ll only be two exams this time ’round.

Lot’s of tourismo in anglesea yesterday. Doesn’t take much to bring ’em out – two (week end) days of 25+ and the Great Ocean Road fills right up.

A tree from the neighours across the back fell down in the wind. Fell across our fence – just a little wire one which’ll bounce back. And the tree was kinda tall but thin. I’m surprised we didn’t see more wreckage on the way into geelong.

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