head done in

This will be a lame entry because i have little to say other than my head is a bit rooted from hammering psychology statistics all day. Trying to nut shit out. Got it done though! Not completely, but it’s the downward slide now – tomorrow can breathe a little easier. It kind of reminds me of getting a real pain-in-the-arse .tar.gz app. to install — and the bugger just won’t work for some reason, and I try this and try that – but it still won’t install. But if it was just an app. i would give up — but can’t with this psychol. report – so battle on – and at last I got it figured – and it’s been a while since i had that sense of achievement, of figuring something out that’s actually challenging. Is different to the arts subjects, where it’s more of a plug on, plug, plug process which eventually gets done without mind-bending.

Twenny-four dah-grees here today, Sweet. bring it on. Is it wrong to love the smell of your own sweat? Hell No!

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