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Tuesday. Next Tuesday, between 4 and 7pm AEST Tough Culture‘s Jonathan Alley will be interviewing Barry Adamson on RRR. They also stream live for the folk outside the reaches of 102.7FM.

I got back `Shiny Metal Rods!’ the other day. Got 75% for it, which is pretty good considering. It’s only supposed to be a fragment of a story – so you’d imagine kinda hard to put all the bits together, but i still feel like I did too much telling, not enough show. But mr.TB – the lecturer says in the comments that he didn’t get it ’til he read the action replay + commentary at the end. i didn’t think it was that hard to unnerstand. There was only two people in that class on Wednesday; this is what happens when there is no exam, and teach doesn’t give us a break in the middle of a double session. Slackers. A shame, because i think it’s a really interesting subject – teKnoKulcha, that is. Have been reading the little book that mr.TB wrote himself which is titled, Technoscience Worlds, which is okay – I might do a proper write up when i’ve read the whole thing. From 1991, and unfortunately (as are the perils of being published by academia, and therefore the state) towards the back there’s a full page ad for Union Carbide – the company that screwed up bigtime in Bhopal, India during the 80s, killing at least 6000 people because of a toxic gas leak. A find it terrible-ironic that this should be the ad in a book that, in part, talks about the possible catastropy of science getting out of control, and who is accountable for what science gets up to.(see above)
But the same as when people mess up, Union Carbide was able to move, and change it’s name to Dow. Actually, a person would be put in gaol for that kind of thing. We should start executing corporations when they do stuff like this.

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