Convergence and chaos

Watched a video last night – saw `Amelie’ – very nice movie. So refreshing to see a movie that didn’t have product-placement thrown around everywhere. i really admire the French for not bending over to English-speaking cultural imperialism. The story structure was very different to what hollyweird would produce too. It made everything Hollyweird (including the comedies seem grim and gun-filled.) I’m sure that in Europe that movie wouldn’t have been considered arthouse – and so, niche-holed to short runs and specialised cinemas as it pretty-much was here.
It was filmed just around the corner from where our `french connection’ lives, (well okay jean’s travel-buddy girlfriend) And I kind of wonder would France really look that nice, or is just because this was a move and the colours and lighting were done nice. Do they have big Coca-cola billboards, but they just weren’t shot in the movie, or other things i’ve seen?
I thought it was kind of odd how they didn’t start the (special effects) magic realism type stuff ’til half way through.

Re this post’s title: We have (Oh i don’t know) a 38cm tv – it’s a fairly reasonable size, but because of the way the movie was reproduced to video – by whatever company 9 Roadshow or whoever the hell they are — it was probably made for wide-screen tv or something — but we ended up watching a 6inch band of film in the middle of the telly, and then with subtitles over a quarter of that. The thing really was using just over a third of the screen space.
Hey TV/Video Peoople?!!? What about us Normals who can’t afford a freakin’ $8000 TV Just Yet??? It’s all a bit messes up – mediums like tv being split into so many levels; normal, wide-screen, digital, high-definition. Where are the regulating bodies in charge of this?
It strikes me that it’s the same with motherboards too. There’s so many specifics – this chip won’t work with that board, and there’s so many types of RAM now. It’s one thing to move ahead — but should things have to get this atomised to make that move?

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-09-12-18-12
I think in europe the 14:9 format is pretty popular – I have seen plenty a TVShop that 10 years ago that carried these models. That might be why =). I did see Amelie as well. It’s cute – nice way they integrated the effects to be part of the story – not the other way around =)
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-09-12-21-47
About the effects – yeah – I hadn’t thought of it that way.

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