I am not a coffee pot

Feelin’ kinda pleased with myself this evening. Have been under the impression that I was, in fact, a coffee pot.

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a coffee pot

What i mean is with doing homework, i could never get motivated until the pressure (and steam) had built to a certain level, usually a couple of days before the bit of homework in question was due.
This week i have two things due on the same day, so needed to get one out of the way quickly. From an external position this sounds easy. But I had to trick myself into thinking one of them was due the next day. Anyway – I got one bit out of the way – now this psychology thing by Monday. Good-O.

Did a little op-shopping today. Feel like I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the last ten years, which in some cases is true. Got a couple of shirts, got a brown theme happening. The other thing is that I used to live in the op-shop capital of australia- west geelong. I don’t tend to get time to wonder around there anymore, and occasionally in the last couple of years, this little part of me has surfaced which finds the whole op-shopping thing vile. I don’t know what that is.
Another thing is that regardless of what kind of luck one is having, one can still come out of it looking like every other badly dressed (trendy? or not?) schmuck on the street.
I’m very much over clothes. i wear this shocking fuzzy synthetic top thing around the house all winter – it’s comfortable and it’s warm, and I wonder why I don’t wear it out of the house.

It’s been a big day for me. I also went to the food-chain thing titled “Subway” for the first time. i marvelled over the fact that how often is it that i get to experience the process of getting food from a new multi-mega (and getting bigger) fast-food chain.
I admit to eating red-rooster or KFC chips once in a blue moon but I haven’t stepped into a McDonalds or Hungry Jacks in years – even just to use the toilet.
I was just a little child the first time I stepped into a Maccas – or any of them – and all those kind of experiences were knocked over very quickly. I digress.
Am very much reminded of that brief monologue from that wonderful movie [HahaHA! ;^P ] `You’ve got mail’ where tom hanks goes on about how the key to starbucks was throwing an avalanche of choices at the consumer, so as to make them feel like they’re an individual, and not just a pig lining up at the same trough as every other pig.
Subway does that. And so, (this is what got me) ordering a salad roll became a baffling ordeal – this bread – that bread, what salad ingredients, what sauce, what size, eat in or take-away, cheese or no cheese, etc. Sure this happens in the local deli – but you expect that – that’s what they’re about. The fast-food chain is better suited to the “Gulp n’ Blow” method.
And despite all this, there wasn’t much of a choice for the vegetarian (But as jean says, I gave up half of my choices when I became vegetarian … ya gotta love that logic.) All up, I found the experience to be, in a word, shitty. The roll (sorry sub seemed old, and the choice of salad bits kind of bland. There was something weird about the serving guy too. He wasn’t on drugs. Maybe he was crazy, and got his rocks off by confusing people with endless empty choice.

PS. Hey Wow – Okay – I know everyone is getting in on this `is my site bad-arse enough to be censored by china, but Spouting is reported as inaccessable in China. It’s probably the Daniel Ortega story…

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