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All yesterday I was preparing a scathing review in my mind of Groove Armada’s ‘goodbye country (hello nightclub)’ album, thinking that we hadn’t progressed beyond the fifties in regards to crediting black people for their musical endevours ….. but anyway – I can’t really go off on that spout because all the vocalists on the album are well creditied – I just hadn’t looked.
It’s a pretty catchy album. My fave track at the moment is ‘Superstylin”. More clubby sounding than ‘Vertigo’, which I’m ambivelent about, but also much more upbeat – which is good. There’s there’s some tracks on Vertigo which frankly sound depressing – English melancholly. I think it’s about a year old now. I borrowed it from the library. Probably one of the better quality CDs there I’ve found. I’m starting to realise why ambient music has such a reputation for crapness = because 95% of it is.

Looking at my wonderful field-spotter’s guide to australian birds (which Gran gave to me) last night cleared a few things up, but also destroyed a bit of magic. It seems the little (superb) blue wrens weren’t sitting on my window ledge because they wanted to talk to me, they just wanted to rumble with their reflections in the window.
And there’s these little olive-green and red kids who hang around out there sometimes, known as the Red Browed Firetail (i like that word, “firetail”) and the book says they’re not natives. They’re aviary escapees from WA. How ’bout that.

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