A n00b’s guide to getting wireless

This is partly in response to SF’s string of news bits on Core about experimenting with wireless networking technology; here, here, and also here

The most recent green guide had an article that explained a bit about it. I learnt that “AP” stands for Access Point. i might look around for some other stuff in the coming week.

I realise my posting of late has been a bit golemish – mutterings and aggravated grunts in the dark (and here’s some more!). It’s just that time of year – even when I’m not doing homework, I’m doing other non-productive things, saving up the productive frame of mind energy for when I’ve really got to use it.

This redesign really wasn’t thought out. It’s like last semester when i decided i was going to give up smoking right before a bunch of assignments were due – there was no way I was going to pull it off successfully in one go and still get done what needed to be done.
I don’t think there’s enough contrast between the lettering and the background. i”ve been racking my brain trying to think of a good colour combination to use – that I haven’t already seen being used by another blog. That’s seems to be the main prob. – since when I did the robots one til now I’ve looked at countless other blogs and see that there isn’t much room left for something different.
I’ve been thinking of racing cars, coporate entities, national flags, medeval flags and now tartans trying to get some inspiration for a combo of colours that works. And what’s the deal with red and blue – it freaks colour-blind people out – or something? And red and green is too nauseating … and even though I’ve seen quite a few sites using blue and green together, it just doesn’t seem right.
What ever you see now is temporary.

As for some good news, I really am getting to like the Fluxbox window manager.

(Later That Day)… – Erm, let’s pretend the last couple of days never happened eh? I got a little stressed … i did some things I probably should nae done… :^P — Thank goodness I backed up the originals.

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