into the blue

Anyone would think I subscibe to the reactionary theory of life that goes that `we’re all just billiard balls bouncing off each other’, reacting – cause and effect cause and affect (But I don’t).
Nevertherless, not being able to figure a way to get little IE to co-operate with my rectangles, i went on a redesign jag last night. Some may say that the colour scheme is highly derivative of metafilter’s, but really it’s just the main two shades of blue and yellow I was using previously – reversed.
The main thing I’ve been wanting to do is go from the stratafied to the sqeeze-box accordion style layout. Monitor resolution size and shape is getting more and more spread out. One can’t assume that people are always going to be viewing with their browser opened up to the Max. anymore. I know that if I had one of those sexy new 17″ iMac flat panel setups, then I’d have two browsers open side by side.
Having said all that I haven’t actually checked how it looks in IE. S’pose i should … maybe in a couple of weeks. And there’s all the comments type stuff that hasn’t been changed. Will get around to that too, at least the colours are complimentary.
later…: Okay – so things are still a little messed up. Standby.

name: jean
url: http://
date: 2002-09-06-16-26
hi, you wanna know how it looks in ie? well, not tto good I’m afraid. Can you move the left marjin so it’s not right against the edge of my puter?
thanks yako
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-09-06-17-11
If you’d not phoned as well I wouldn’t believe it was you given the spelling etc.

The thing is – both the oversized heading and text being hard-up against the left are artistic. I was doing those things on purpose. However i will re-evaluate the look.

The sidebar disappearing to the bottom so easily is another matter. I’m working on it.

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