fly is undone

shoe laces are untied, peice of toilet paper stuck to shoe, shirt hem caught in fly, tag sticking up at back of shirt, tie crooked, food stuck between teeth, crumb of food at corner of mouth,
booger stuck to and drying on outside of nostril, hair doing wacky things…

Ah, For I don’t know how long, the side bar has been out of wack according to Internet Explorer (that bastard spoilt child of a browswer, why don’t you behave like the other kids??). I only find out yesterday when I come down here to the main computer hole at uni. Honestly I try to presnt a nice looking web page. The idea is that it’s meant to look like one unified rectangle.
Yesterday was feeling kind of headachey so couldn’t be fagged trying to fix it. I get back here this morning — and it isn’t immediately obvious as to what’s wrong. All last night was feeling tetchy — you know– like it wouldn’t take much pushing to get me to strangle something…. and today ain’t kicking off wonderfully yet either.

I usually avoid the mainstream news, but got a dose last night and this morng. It’s no fun living in the country that’s the beligerant little brother of the neighbourhood bully — the greenhouse gas thing. And for once I think this is one of those things that’s specific to the current “leadership”. I think if the personalities were different then the situation would be different.

ame: Adrian Bedford
date: 2002-09-05-13-58
Hi Yak Sox–

First, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, particularly with your help on my aspartame problem. Much appreciated!

Second, I couldn’t agree more about our current government’s fondness for US government policy. Makes me ill, and embarrassed to be Australian.

Third, Love that photo of Nick Cage!

Thanks again!
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-09-05-14-27
No problem Adrian, and please excuse the poor spelling of my above post, i was writing from the electric bull-pit and not paying much attention because I felt like I was being watched.

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