questions from the magic mirror

“Do snails move faster on cement or wood?”

This is the type of question that the world asks the internet, and it refers them to me. I’m sitting here shrugging my shoulders, I have no answer.
I know i promised I’d never mention the stats page, but I can’t help it. i realised yesterday that i hadn’t added the detection code to a bunch of pages, and people were visiting them looking for things (like snail speed) and weren’t being counted. I don’t want to be one of those people contributing to the prolish generalisation, “Ah ya can’t never find nuthin’ on the innernet”, so will add big sign posts back to the search function.
Have been thinking a lot about redesign lately. A lot. You could almost say I’m obsessed by it. But nothing will happen until the end of the semester, which really isn’t that far. Would be nice to have a new feel happening by the first of December.

There was more talk of, `is this a table?’ in class today, but it was the teacher leading it, so it’s not as if i could’ve lashed out violently and got away with it.

The first time i came across metafilter was when that supposed alternate EU flag, that looked like a bar code was doing the rounds. Can’t remember exactly when that was, bet feels like a fair while back. I visited mefi for ages before it struck me that maybe I wanted to register. Then I found out that they were only taking 20 people a day, starting at 12noon, US West coast time. So I never got to be a member. Then I read “woe for us” type posts from people saying it’s being swamped by people who aren’t thinking before the post. I’ve seen this happen before at other communal sites. But right now it strikes me that part of the rise of blogging as a phenomenon may be due to this natural life cycle of discussion forums. The blog is controlled by the individual, who can control whether or not they choose to affiliate their space with anyone elses, and how close they want to affiliate.
They also have the power to IP ban other individuals from posting at the blog (that is if the blog lets people comment at all).
Like I said, the idea only just came to me– might think it over a bit more.

Anyway, I d/loaded a Blackbox .rpm, but also grabbed fluxbox in .src.rpm form. I really didn’t have much hope in it compiling successfully, but it did. And I’m using it right now. Sweet!
When I logged into it, Irealised that a change in desktop environment feel was way overdue. Things are much faster in the fluxbox. I decided to go the flux instead of the black because I read that flux had the same theme as blackbox (which is what I wanted to see again) anyway.
As sometimes happens with a juggling around of menu styles and window managers, there’s a whole bunch of little apps showing up which I didn’t know were on here. And I think `Garnome’ – the run-seperately version 2.0 of Gnome initialised properly because lots of things look way more smooth – anti-aliasing all over the joint. i think that’s what happened. Either that or a whole bunch of the .TTFs weren’t being recognised. I had verdana on the system but none of the browsers were using it. now they are, things are lookin’ different.
Okay, here’s that grid i was talking about if you’re curious. It’s a pop-up so duck your head.

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