Review: HP PhotoSmart C120

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Have really only had a little while to get to know this camera, but then again, there’s not that much to get to know.
The techy-speckies.
In a nut-shell, you can get 54 shots at 800×600 resolution, (which is good enough for me) or many less at the max. res. of 1152 x 864.

To get a bit more subjective:
the photosmart c120 strikes me more as the type of digital camera used to get and put fotos on your computer. Eventhough it’s a bit of a mini-moke in the megapixel department, it does fine for storing pics digitally.
I haven’t tried printing any out. But lets face it – a reproduction is a reproduction, no matter how expensive your camera is.
Looking back at really old fotos of rellies – you know the little square ones, the shades of sepia, the irregular shapes — I like those. i don’t think that kind of thing detracts from the memory.
Print outs of a reasonable quality with this kamera would be smaller than your average 35mm kodak moments, but the ability to shape them how you want is a fair trade off.

It really is basic though – compared to the last little road test (the benq dc1300) the HP fotokamera has no wrist strap (but why would I need one?!) and no soft pouchy-thing – this is more serious. I’m wondering how to keep the lens from getting scratched without paying out the extra dough to HP to get the pouch.

“The buttons and on-screen interface are straightfoward and intuitive”.
Intuitive interface? What is that?
I honestly can’t tell the difference between intuitive and unintuitive when it comes to stuff like this. (This is probably why I’ve put up with Linux for so long, Hahaha!)
The instruction booklet was basic but easy enough to understand, and grammatically correct. there’s a big section on trouble shooting in there, but I haven’t had to use it.
It uses four AA bateries, which seems like a lot, and makes it that bit heavier, which doesn’t matter, but also makes it large. But my guess is that HP wanted it to be the size and shape of a normal analogue camera anyway. As yet i don’t know how long these batteries will last. On the upside – it will use rechargable batteries, whereas the benq wouldn’t.

One small thing i like about it is that the inner packaging that the thing sits in when you get it is made of egg-carton-ish type stuff instead of plastic. That one little bit of plastic multiplied by however many thousands of units they ship can add up to a lot of crap.
**For the discerning Linux user, I’m halfway there to getting it recognised so that fotos can be extracted straight to this OS. KDE recognises that there is an HP product hooked into the USB port, it just doesn’t have the details. as I mentioned a few days back – there’s a couple of retellings of getting other HP models going — on the Linux Hardware Database website.

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