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Re: that bit last night about OS X for the “PC” architecture – I meant x86, not “i86”, my head was wrecked from hammering the metaphorical anvil all day long.
And actually I wonder if it’d be as simple as if apple said they’re changing to the x86 architecture … would that mean that people could get a copy of the OS and wack it on their clone-box … or is their something in the apple hardare – the motherboard, BIOS (or what?) and that’s why the systems won’t mix?

It’d be the ultimate test to have a copy of OS X that I could load here onto Jugger to see what the story really was concerning the efficiency of its coding. Is it just because Blooey the iMac only has 128meg of ram — is that why it feels slow to me? I’d also like to experience the operating system without the stoopid apple mouse, and at a decent screen resolution (800×600 just doesn’t cut it with this lad). Would it lose any of its shine by not being in a nice looking box?

What the hell’s happened to the Black Box window manager? It’s homepage has vanished. I seem to remember that it was only maintained by one person, and it’s been at a stand-still for a while, (and has basically been forked by fluxbox) but it’d be nice if blackbox still had a homepage.
See, last night I was working on this story, and I need to look at the old blackbox background (you know that grid) for inspiration. Ah well, it’s still out there at rpmfind but it’s a bit late now. I had to go on memory.

Will be tackin’ the story up soon. Funny, innit, It takes me months to g e t a r o u n d t o i t. And then i endure a weekend of chaos doing it, then keenly get to HTMLising it the night after. I suppose it’s not as demanding.

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