going tabula rasa with tables

Finally started the repostioning project – all still in the hangar though. Popped through to the wondows95 partition earlier to check IE with the current layout of this page, it’s too frustrating.
Wasted vast amounts of time today, but did discover that 17 santas met for a conference at Hotel Arctic in Greenland, during 1995. Had a little idea that it’d be fun to write a story made up only of things found on the net.

Those dingleberries at Heinz soup should get their act together. How hard is it to create a label for a tin of soup that’s clear and simple. I mean, it’s not an art form for crying out loud. I got half a mouthful of “tuscan bean and tomato” in my mouth before I realised it had freakin’ bacon in it. It doesn’t say bacon or meat anywhere on the can except the fine print in ingredients. It’s not even visible in the damn picture. I intend to write them a stern email.

It was kind of a surprise to see the author of the `30 days’ thing pop up at Core: here. I don’t know if I’m cynical or overly suspicious about people’s motivations. I thought I was going easy on him – was originally going to comment on the possible overuse of prozac on the part of the author, but let it slide. [Mental note to self- more delineation needed between spouting spout/writing style and Core article style.]
Even though I’m always swimming back upstream through the pipes to see where people came from, I occasionally forget that other people do too.
Why is there no rippling australian flag .GIF animation in the top corner of my site? i dunno. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one anywhere. Funny that… odd but understandable.

“always singing, crashing out”

Via metafilter, here’s some viking related fun. It appears I was wrong about 70% of the lyrics in that song. I thought they were saying, “I wanna go where we can sing and shout” but it was “our only goal will be the western shore” … and … “always singing, crahing out” is actually “on we sweep with threshing oar”.
S’pose I never linked it to Vikings either, but I did get the idea of boats in there. Probably assumed it was about heading to america – maybe. But I know a lot of Led Zep is Tolkein influenced too, which gives nice imagery.

DIY palaeontology

Digging holes and building walls would have to come up 1. and 2. in primal boyish pursuits. Digging holes really is fun – I’d have huge holes all over the backyard if it was a bit bigger. Got to do a bit of diggging today – getting the veggie garden set up. Soil’s very find and almost sand-like but we put heaps of compost in there too. The shovel kept bending … need a better shovel. jean got a flying bug in her ear – had to pour water in there and drown it.
Nothing planted yet – that’s next week.

I can empathise with Jeremiah newbie, back here – I’m using Noatun [there’s another of those wackily named Linux apps] – the KDE music player – on “random” but it seems to have its favourites and only occasionally do they click with mine. Hearing the Sen˜or Coconut version of Tour de France once a day is enough.

Nice to see the X Files back on telly. i like that John Doggett guy – got an affinity with him somehow. Probably the `being the act after the hard-act-to-follow’ thing – but only in the metaphorical sense. And him sitting around on a saturday arvo, cleaning his gun and watching NASCAR – that’s just what I do! (except for the gun bit … and the crapwagon NASCAR bit).
I wonder if that Lone gunmen spin-off got off the ground?

Actually – speaking of car racing there was a nice article about Alex Zanardi in the weekend australian mag. The main points in his life read a lot like the `journey of the hero’ mythical type structure, except that he’s still alive and could get involved in more adventures. It’d be great if he took up a team-owner position in CART.

Oh – and the palaeontology bit – while digging out there – hit this thing that looked kind of like an pipe – but was an old, thin tree trunk that’d been hollowed out. Very strange looking.


It’s been so long since I read any Irvine Welsh that i wouldn’t have much chance of pulling off writing this entry in coloquial scottish, but I do remember fitba’ = football.
For the record, i was brought up a geelong supporter. This could not go on with any seriousness passed the age of 13 otherwise i would’ve suffered irrepairable psychological damage. Being a contented supporter of the geelong football club is about as easy as pushing a glass of water off the table with mindpower.
When the Brizzie Bears (yes, it really needs to be spelt that way) hit the scene, i rebelled against the family and started secretly barracking for them. I was drawn to the *koff* unconventional colour scheme of magenta n’ mustard, and that dynamically angry koala emblem emblazoned across the front of the shirt. But it was a dualist kind of support, because i was still taken to many-a geelong home game at kardinia park. Geelong had/has? a habit of doing really well and all the time, you saying to yourself, ‘I don’t care that they’re doing well, they’re a buncha losers’ — and then just as you give in and do really care they die in the arse.
i went off brizzy when those fitzroy johnny-come-lately’s showed up. They lost the koala and the colours. For a while i thought it was worth keeping up with the fitba for the sake of conversation. But now i don’t know anyone who likes football, which I suppose is an interesting indication of aquaintence elimination. The grandfinal’s (the granny) worth watching because Roy n’ H.G. commentate.

The latest google results are in and after three months of concerted effort, Spouting has made it to the top of the spouting pile. Hooray! i’d like to take a moment to thank Spouting’s Oomphers who oomphed this little website into the light, particularly Core, which has enormous oomp-power. While I’m gushing gratefulness – y’know, there’s probably thousands of movable type installations out there on the net and all of them by default have the “syndicate this site” feature – but Spouting can proudly say that we are one of the few that actually is being syndicated via Core. As the surfers would say, Lampin’!

name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2002-09-28-14-54
Personally I like the writing style, others may go because they are drawn to the colour scheme. Glad to see the core sends you many an intrigued “browser”. Keep up ze gut work. =) (oh and my greetings to Google because GOOGLE ROCKs =) ..)
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-09-29-15-30
Hehe – yeah the colour scheme… it’s all down hill after this one.

Does your mother know where you’re blogging tonight?

I’ve just been spurred on to follow through on this entry by Tony who seems to be in the same boat. I was humming and harring for several weeks about telling my mum the address of my blog. Acually, it sounds like Tony was tracked down – i gave myself up voluntarily. i was wondering if I’d start self-editing myself more, and not-swearing where normally i would swear. But it doesn’t seem to bother me – she knows what I’m like (and of course most of this weblog is boring and incomprensible computer jargon). In fact, mum left a furtive comment in the guestbook – probably not wanting to embarrass me. “Hi Mum”, he says waving feebly.
What did put the fear of god into me was when jean told her mum about spouting. I won’t lie to you, there were some hasty corrections a-going on with the virtual red texta that night. :^P

On cracking linux apps

It’s come to my attention that quite a few of The Kids out there who use Linux are fishing for a crack for Codeweavers’ crossover plugin.
Should we see their closed source company as just another that keeps information from being free, regardless of the fact that they’re producing resources for Linux?
No – I don’t think so.
Perhaps those programmers in minnesota aren’t really starving, but the codeweavers company isn’t their hobby, it’s their job.
Pragmatically, the Linux user still end up well ahead, financially speaking, compared to the Windows/Mac user. With a good net connection and a CDRW the whole Linux OS can be got for free, paying an extra $50 AUD isn’t too much to ask to veiw Quicktime etc.
If you really believe in free software and can’t do without your Quicktime, then go learn about WINE, join their development community and help create an open-sourced alternative to Crossover.
These young-uns have got the wrong attitude. If you want to use the crossover plugin without the nag-screens, then buy it. If you don’t want to – then don’t use it, and if you’re trawling for crackz – then you might as well go back to Windows. A crack still leaves you in the dark as to how the application works. If you’re not interested in how it works, or the importance of the principle of being able to find out how it works, then go back to Windows.

name: supruzr
url: http://
date: 2002-11-12-22-07
I think you’re full of shit, because, you see, Crossover *DOES* use WinE code. It’s a closed source fork. Do you really think it’s ethical to take an open source project, totally rip off all the code, then make the result closed source? I don’t. That’s leeching. Sure, running a crack with no knowledge of how it works is not conducive to an intelligent linux community, but then neither is gaining monetary profit by stealing open source material. Do some research before you preach. Freeloaders have destroyed dumber systems than the open source movement.
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name: yak sox
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date: 2002-11-13-11-54
This is from the page, ‘why you shouldn’t use the LGPL license for your next library’;
“The GNU Project has two principal licenses to use for libraries. One is the GNU Library GPL; the other is the ordinary GNU GPL. The choice of license makes a big difference: using the Library GPL permits use of the library in proprietary programs; using the ordinary GPL for a library makes it available only for free programs.”
WINE runs under the LGPL, and presumably they chose that license for a reason.
Ethics don’t enter into it – Codeweavers are utilising a resource that’s perfectly okay to use.
If you can’t respect other people’s right to make money from selling a product, then don’t expect anyone else to respect your right to believe that software should be free.

what & stitch?

There’s a kiddy-movie out now called Lilo & stitch and all the talking heads are pronouncing it Lee-Lo. What does this mean? Is the Linux boot Loader is also pronounced this way – – and I’ve been pronouncing it Lie-Lo…

Have decided to embark on a domestic campaign to route out typoes and mis-spellings whereever they lurk within this site.

I don’t have a lot to say. I’m tired.
Speaking of corporate opportunities for product placement via the big screen, jean went to see `goldmember’ last night. I refused to go on account of the AOhelL-reeking hype. Sure there’s lots of movies that fit into that category, but Mike Myers – have you sold your soul? Apparently there was some pretty blatant Starbucks entertain-mercials in there.

What I think would be cool is if there was some way that I could place a “name” style anchor on pages on foreign pages – that is web pages not in my control. Say – from here I want to link to a web page, but it’s long and there’s only one little bit four fifth’s of the way down the page that i want to refer to – it’d be great if there were someway of placing a `virtual thumbtack’ on that spot that wasn’t bother the page’s owner.

Did you know there’s a google weblog? I think it’s interesting. I’m facinated by the technical side of how that engine works. The only way to find out stuff is by playing with it and keeping tabs on when it updates things.
The magic mirror tells me someone using french-google googled my name yesterday – my real name. There are other beings out there who share the same alpha-numeric combination as me (and they get top rankings in that little pile, which is just fine with me). One of those odd little mysteries i’ll never get an explanation for. the reason why I’m so taken with knowing what people are looking for – and what brings them here is because it’s like people-watching. There’s all sorts of weird, wonderful and bizarre combinations – from the shudder-worthy “unclothed aunty photos”, to restless, irritable, discontent to the functional Benq DC1300 linux.

Today at school I found out that there’s a 126metre strip of limbo where the border between west australia and south australia/northern territory should be. Once upon a time the Pope devided the world in half so the pirates from Spain and the pirates from Portugal wouldn’t get in each other’s way. Spain was having car-repayment problems and offered 17degrees of the world to Portugal for some quick cash. The original world line cut through south america (that’s why brazil speaks portuguese) and spain got the west coast. The continuation of that line passes by the west coast of WA. But when portugal got the extra bit – it chunked the “spice islands” (indonesia etc.) and that new line a fair bit later – became the west australia border. But for some reason it doesn’t match up down the bottom … but i never found out why.

name: Pedro Saraiva
url: http://
date: 2003-01-13-04-16
Were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin pirates?
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-01-13-13-27
Pedro – I don’t follow… I was talking 400 years ago – that kind of thing.

Smoothing it out

I found this page via OSNews – it an xft hack which makes typefaces in OpenOffice.Org and KDE look nicer. And here I was thinking they were as nice as they could get. i haven’t tried applying it yet.

When does daylight savings start? Soon I hope. The birds started at 5:35 this morning. They go beserk saying, “It’s a new day! It’s a new day!”. I admire the enthusiasm, but it’s not such a brilliant time to be waking for me. Although, my hat flies off to the people who do. i went outside for a minute then – and eventhough it was mild in temp. it was really foggy – which is highly unusual for here. Would’ve looked excellent on the beach.

Two big assignments for me to do in the coming weeks but I couldn’t ask for much better re: the subject matter. 1. Future trends in technology and 2. Zen. The latter should be a challenge – I’ve got to find the reason and logic in zen buddism. i had to come up with this question myself. On the surface it sounds ridiculously hard, but it has its own logic. I wish i was the type of person who was ballsy enough to do something like draw a few pictures of ducks flying and hand that in, saying `there’, or that old chestnut – a circumferenceless circle (ie. a blank page).
Was re-reading a bit of my fave book on zen this morning – Zen and Japanese Culture by D.T. Suzuki – and got to thinking that one of the big draws of it for me is the slapstick aspect, of which there are numerous examples in the intro- “what is zen?”
What is zen? …. “I do not understand.”
what is zen? ….. “The silk fan gives me enough of a cooling breeze.”
What is zen? …. “Zen.”
And in one audience hall a young monk asked the question, the master walked over to him and slapped him around the face a bit.
The topper is: three garden variety monks bump into a zen monk fresh out of training. One of the monks asked the zen monk, “How deep is the river of zen?” on account of them meeting on a bridge. The zen monk says “Find out for yourself”, and promptly grabbed the other monk by the collar and was going to chuck him over the side when the other two intervened and apologised.
Ah, I dig it, but if i was to practice it I’d just get arrested.

I got this “shinning” thing

I do i tells ya!
Right back here I mentioned that I was reading Alice got lucky’s weblog. I spent a while reading through the archive, but she wasn’t updating much in the present. But one morning a week later (or something like that) I woke up and had this thought that there’d be something new there that day. An odd thing to think at that time of the morning I know, but nevertheless. And surely enough there was a new entry there. [Of course I’d link to this weblog if i could, but it seems to have been swallowed up in the waferbaby mass due to stagnation.]

And then this morning i woke up and — I think actually dreamt about it, but it was one of those situations where all i could remember was that I did actually have a dream about it – and that was this : that Spouting had been added to the ODP. Again you probably all think i must be terribly nerdy for having drams about the my website … what can i say?
Anyway – here we are Spouting – Yak Sox’s journey with Linux, university, product purchases and living in by the beach in Anglesea, Australia..
Oh Golly – now that i look at it – there’s even a grammatical FUBAR in there. Dang – what kind of an editor am I? i just got back home and notice that yesterday’s title was “Splash Sceens” – Holy Guacamole….
As a side note – `Shinning’ is not a typo – it’s a bart simpsonism.
But i get reminded of most of the typoes I make, thanks to the search engines. Spouting has a better chance of getting up there in the ratings with the wacky spellings. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not spelling thing wrongly on purpose (well, most things at least). I don’t want to be known for the words “photot, chequered or thoery”
So it took three months for the ODP to add me. I was starting to think they weren’t going to for some reason.

Just borrowed The Birthday Party’s Peel sessions album from the library. I used to have their album Prayers On Fire on a tape years ago – and funnily enough this peel sessions one almost sounds more toned down. maybe it was just ’cause I used to only listen to them on a too-loud tinny walkman. Such a raw and vile sound – i love it!

name: Alice
url: http://
date: 2002-11-04-11-34
AGL is gone, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently, but right now i don’t have the time or internet access to keep a weblog. However I am terribly flattered you enoyed it while it was in existence 🙂
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-11-04-13-53
Yes I did enjoy your writing, it was the freshest i’d seen in a long time. By the time I felt ballsy enough to leave a comment, there was nowhere to leave it.
I hope you return to journalling land sometime, and I hope your studies are going well.

Splash Screens

Goodness me – two posts in one morning? Anyone would think I was procrastinating – yes I’ve burnt my 1 week ahead of schedule situation and it’s back to the grind.

Via OS News found this article about the upcoming red hat release including some screen shots. It’s talking about how RH are integrating KDE and Gnome in order to produce a more polished distro, alledgedly at the expense of individual DTE developers sense of self. It’s funny that they change the default email app. in KDE from Kmail to Evolution, and Gnome’s browser from Galeon – to Moz – because that’s pretty much what i do anyway.
On the screenies – ont the panel – they’ve substitued the KDE “K” and the Gnome “footprint G” for an icon of a red hat — i don’t like that. It’s taken me this long to get used to the idea of a computer system having such an odd name as “red hat’ and frankly – i don’t like the gangsta style red had image, while we’re at it – i don’t like ”the shadowman” either … so there!
The only red hat splash screen I’ve come close to liking was that one that looked like a 1930s strike gathering, a whole bunch of guys and one of them wearing a red hat – kind of like those james boag beer ads.
I really like the new Gnome 2.0 splash screen – the Disco mirror ball scene. And i think my fave splash screen was the old gnome one (maybe Gnome 1.2) of dead grass out of focus. I’ll have to try find a shot of that.
I’d agree that if RH are going to step on developer-toes, then they better do it lightly, and give them some credit. Antoher thing I heard was that they are going to change the names of a whole bunch of the more obscurely titled apps – like Xsane and whatnot. It’s taken me two years to learn those names! You can’t dump ’em now!