o terrible procrastination

It’s that time before real things get done, the time where i wish zen master yak sox would come out brandishing the slightly curved sword and cleave through my inertia in one no-think action.
Normal yak sox thinks this is a great time to fix up the links list or have a little nap or go for a walk or do washing.
Today at school I had to try and prove the existance of god. I think i did. There’s one dead shit in that class who thinks just because he’s at uni he can say any crap and think that it’s reasonable, like, `what’s the difference between god and this apple?’. Just because a question sounds abstract doesn’t make it intelligent or worth saying. This is the same person who the week before derailed the whole class with the equally stupid and pointless question, `does this table really exist?’. maybe he should just smoke some more grass or drop some more trips, blow out completely, not show up and do us *all* a favour. Hahaha.
Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but if I hear the “is this table…” question being trotted out once more this semester there’s gonna be capital-T Trouble.

Heard the N.Cave & the bad seeds song `Papa won’t leave you Henry’ on the way in. There’s lines in it that seem wholly appropriate right now. Something like, “Where I live it’s the rainy season…
Entire towns being washed away…
dah dah dah dah dah etc etc. – I forget the rest. Its’s raining heaps. Yet there’s fires in NSW. Go figure. Probably better now than in the height of summer.

Was thinking that ”Hangable Auto Bulb“ would be a great name for a blog. Am a tad restless with ”Spouting.” Sounds too self-explanatory. I really should spout more too.

Have been thinking a bit about how this divide between the technological haves and have-nots could be reversed. Mainly from the angle of software. I was thinking that each country’s govt. should assign a group of people to work on GNU/GPL software to benifet all people. The amount of people working on it wouuld be in proportion to the country’s population and GDP and the population would decide what kind of apps would be worthwhile. Very Kommunista, I know, but that’s me.

there’s never a good title for a monday

Will be grinding my little axe lots in the next couple of weeks due to a couple of assignment due dates fast approaching. It bugs me a bit that I can’t spend more time mucking around on here.

They bought the story that i didn’t know what i was doing re: OS compatibility and the camera. Can only get store credit though – so the guy’s going to see what he can do getting a der digital photokamera – HP photosmart C120 (which I had quite a hard time finding any decent info about online) and which doesn’t quite offer the same amount of elusstrious “bang-for-buck”, but at least is compatible with OS X, and eventually a driver’ll be written for Linux — and it looks like woodnose95 is goood for nothing these days.

And jean did indeed get a new car on the weekend, which is pretty amazing. It’s green and not here yet. car salesmen aren’t all that bad… well some of them aren’t.

Statisitics (SSS-duh-diss-dix) in psychology is bending my brain a bit at the moment, but I think I’m doing better than some of the other kids – such as my buddy J.F. Sebastian and I were queueing up to get a coffee after the lecture this morning, he gave me his money asked me to buy it, walked off … and never came back! After three quarters of an hour I decided to drink his coffee too and was well-primed for the day ahead.

Have been thinking more about applying to volunteer to help out with the DMoz open directory project – I’d like to edit one or two of the letters of the web logs section – just x, y, z – or something like that. Still a way away though – am busy and all. Want to spend a bit longer checking out more places where journals and blogs hide.

Oh yeah – and I finally am being updated on the aussie- blogs updater thingy again which is a small bonus. Small bonuses shall be henceforth known as boniods (bone – oyds).
And am getting the odd vistitor trickling through from the Spouting (holiday-shack space) – and I can’t figure out how they’re arriving there… if you’re out there strangers, say. Used to have the Read Onlys there, formerly titled `Drunk On The Blood Of Tourists’ (which I still like the name … just gotta find appropriate content to go with it)

There was a kangaroo standing outside the kitchen window looking at me this morning first thing as I was about to get the coffee going. This kind of thing is fast becoming `not-news’ to me. Was a tad unnerving. i was looking at it for a whole minute before i realised there was another behind it, eating – it just blended in – looked like an old dead tree stump. That’s what tens of thousands of years of working on environment colour-co-ordination gets you.

Another fully-fledged bonus was finding my hat again this morning right where I’d hoped it’d be! A good thing. Was starting to think I’d get cranial stress fractures from going from heated indoors to frosty outdoors. Mum said it was snowing at Beech-Forest in the Otways today. Insane coldness.

“… a new car!!”

The propect of a new digital camera is enough to distract me from the real things in life, but jean is thinking of getting a new car. It’s not like she’s a huge consumer or anything – this is probably well overdue. So this might happen on the weekend. we’re going over the other side of the bay to visit her family – he dad is good at wrangling deals, which is good – because that’s not my area *at all*. I can’t help but see bad things when i see car sales-people.
So here’s a picture of proposed wheeled transport: [ image corrupted ]
And here’s what they look like all squishied up:
[ image corrupted ]
Haha – I couldn’t help it — it was there.
The first time I saw a Ka – I thought man they’d be fun to demolition derby with – especially with guns attatched. i particularly like the models that have the black rubber on the corners – they look like escaped dodgem cars.

I accidentally left my hat at school yesterday – am cold on the head. Where is the 19C degrees i was promised?

Here’s something neat to add your blog to if you have the `syndication’ option available: bloghog.

Watched this show `24′ last night. Was pretty good i thought – interesting concept – worked for the most part. i’m wondering when these people are going to get any sleep. they were cutting the shot into sections now and then – probably would look good on wide screen but lost effect on normal telly, and wasn’t really adding any information.

“We are a little worried about our landlord” and more

What impresses me about the internet (and google) is how I can find something as obscure as the “we are a little worried about our landlord” poster. It’s funny – the little fragments of sentences that come up by tapping `little, worried, about, landlord’ into google. It’s funny how that phrase “a little worried” and the word “landlord” get coupled.
Anyway, my old tribe in Northcote – in a house where I used to live – we had this on the wall for a while. gorgeously Orwellian. And the phrase and image have stuck in my head and pop up sometimes. The pic to the left sadly doesn’t bring out the greys too well but it’s fantastically better than nothing.

Yesterday i spilt a coffee in a lecture theatre. It partly went on me, somehow hit my books in my backpack and a larger amount hit the floor; partly carpeted, mostly wood. The lecturer didn’t say anything, but I got a bit flustered. At least these days I can have a laugh at my own mishaps – and surprisingly soon after they happen.
i cleaned it up but smelled like a long black for the rest of the day.

Had my ‘bot presentation this morning. Bored ’em to tears. Hhaha! Teacher had to give me the wind up when I started raving about the GPL. When I mentioned it and was explaining about how different it is to copyright, this geeky lookin’ boy down the front nodded. There’s always someone out there that’ll undertand you.

Possibility of getting digital camera not looking as good — I knew that’d happen as soon as I mentioned that it would.

Felt very much like going into hibernation last night – despite the fact that I say the days are getting longer. It’s like staying up most of the night and it feeling fine and normal and then just as the sun starts to get near, feeling this overwhelming need to sleep. It’s either like that — or self was groaning at the prospect of getting into the mechanics of doing homework again.

Thunderbirds are go

Eventhough my debts are blowing out worse than argentina’s at the moment everything looks good for getting a digital camera on friday! Actually – the debt thing isn’t that bad – but when you don’t have much to start with, going a bit further backward looks significant. i got austerity measures werked out though.
Wisely or unwisely (I don’t know yet) – I’ve decided we’ll go for the greaest Bang-for-Buck equation – the BenQ DC1300. Benq was formerly an arm of Acer, but was chopped off for some reason.
i am a tad unsure about its compatibility. The specs sheet only says W98, 2000 and XP. i just installed the latest version of Gphoto (Linux digital camera hookup software) but no mention of this camera in what it reconises. Actually, i think it’d be only flukey if it was recognised under Linux at this point in time.
OS 9.2 or OS X are a better bet. I’m hoping that for some reason they just neglected to put it on the specs sheet. Afterall – it’s a rare company that goes out of their way to see if their product will operate with Linux, but generally they look at apple. failing that – I’m punting that it’d work with woodnose95. my guess is the only reason it wasn’t included on the specs sheet is because 95 “doesn’t have USB support.
But this copy I have does – it even says it on the CD. And the apple pro (USB) keyboard operates fine under it.
Rather cold and wet here right now but at least the days are getting longer.
Why is it that eddy maguire always seems to be responsible for screwing up my television viewing schedule?

name: tony
url: www.tamesapien.com/weblog/
date: 2002-08-08-01-12
Eddie’s time is nigh. He is about to reach the televisual equivalent of 100% relative humidity.

I have no idea what that means
Edit Comment / Delete Comment Block IP / Block IP range 210.50.217.*

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-08-08-13-56
haha – yes. I’ve been thinking of writiing a little bit about how practicing evil affects the way people look. Over the years bill Gates has become more evil looking. Same with Mike Monroe.

haven’t been observing Maguire long enough to say if he’s affected too – but it’s pretty likely with all the Collingwood manouvering etc.

kill, crush, destroy etc.

I was just casting my beady little eyes over a new Dick Smith catalogue – and what do we have – four `robot books’; `Robot builder’s bonanza’, `Build a remote controlled robot’, `Robots, androids and animatrons 2′, and `Build your own combat robot’.
Nevermind the fact that really all these things are is remote controlled cars with a pincer stuck on – the thing is the pincer is now there. Kids aren’t content with racing, or plain old peaceful flying an rc plane — it’s gotta be able to destroy the other kid’s one too.
That guy from red dwarf has got a lot to answer for.
I dunno i dunno – am trying not to judge, am trying not to sound past it. But it’s definitely a shift. I s’pose toys in that techy end of the spectrum are more interactive now. It still allows for imagination … i think. Lego has been going that way for quite a while too.
Jeremiah just mentioned blogtree – a geneology of blogs, (which i also saw on blog roots yesterday(?)(which I’m finding to be a really inneresting site, I should stick it on the right)). And funnily enough – it was jeremiah newbie who was a big inspiritaion for me to start some type of journal – perhaps a little over a year ago. Admittedly, my efforts were very much still crawling out of the premordial blog-swamp then (usually just mutterings about Linux; “grr, having problems” and Telstra: “grr, download limits – double-grr”.
I can’t think of any other blogs that had an impression on me. So if Jeremiah regesters on it, I will.
Have occasionally caught myself glancing furtively at keyboards lately.
Was in the credit union today and noticed that their terminals are the same type as in the civic library. Last week at the library was tapping something into the catalogue and “hey wow, this is a nice feeling keyboard! Nice amount of pressure/spring in the keys…” I bent down to take a look at what kind of connection it had in the back and noticed one of the librarians looking at me so withdrew. (but it was kinda like a phone connection)
These are fairly old looking terminals and was tempted to say – hey if you’re ever gonna chuck these out gimme a yell — but I get the feeling they’re quite happy with them — probably because they’re really solid.
Kind of looked (and I’m guessing are) very much like the happy hacker keyboard – about which everything looks good except the price.

i really should stop complaining about the price of things. Or start up a “bottom-feeder’s guide to computering”.
–Speaking of everything linux – they’ve got debian 3 available for pre-order: 7CDs for only twenty five bucks. That’s mighty tempting…. I wonder if their install process has been made any easier….?

a little romp through sourceforge

turned up a couple of things – Quanta version 3.0pr-1 has been released. While the 2 version was working with KDE3 I’m glad they finally caught up. What is even better is that it compiled no problem. In the past I’ve found it to be one of the touchiest apps to deal with dependency issues. I’ve been using it a bit lately and it’s holding up well.

Also kmyirc is a great idea, even if still very alpha currently. Personally i find all the IRC interfaces out there at the moment to be clunky and over complicated and just plain bad looking. The only exception was the Ximian thing, `Monkeytalk’, which was more-or-less just meant for getting Ximian help from other monkeys.
Kmyirc cuts out a lot of those IRC `features’ – the kind of things I’d never use. I wish their project speediness.
Some unfinished business – the Primal Scream website is worth checking. So many band sites use Flash – but this one is not bad.

“mr. Magpie”

is wrong right from the start. I’m pretty sure it’s mrs. or ms. — probably ms. – (magpies aren’t ceremonious about their getting togethers) because is often seen hanging out with junior. And if it was the boy magpie that looked after the young, i would’ve heard about it.
Mr. rolls off the toungue nicer than ms. There’s some kind of superstition about saying `goodmorning mr.magpie’.
I used to be not a big fan of magpies – in west geelong i was swooped on more than one occasion. The traffic and cramptness gets to them like the rest of us. But here i’ve never been swooped.
They don’t seem as arrogant either – still the same jerky struttin’ walk. There’s always some place to be going when you’re a magpie. Sometimes in the morning they’ll stand on the verandah ledge (as seen left) but instead of saying `hey, gimme some cream cheese’ – they’ll just chortle away like fishmongers about nothing – about it being morning. Really loudly too – right outside bedroom window. I’ll go and stand out there next to them, ask them what’s happening, but they don’t listen.

i don’t speak magpie but once got close – magpie and junior were out the back, I was out there having a cig. and junior made this higher pitched adolescent noise – and i must have had the right amount of phlegm in my throat becasue when i imitated it’s noise i hit the right pitch, and it sounded very similar. junior took a few steps closer toward me and repeated itself with a questioning tone right at me. mr.Doolittle eat yer heart out.
May be not arrogant, but surly or plucky. they sometimes hang out outside the window — and they make it look like they’re looking for worms, but I know they just wanna see what I’m doing.

So the magpies are my storm troopers. They scout the backyard picking through the wreckage and looking for signs of droids. Sometimes i tell jean that i’ll sick them on to her, but i am yet to follow through on this.

This site is worth a look for some more magpie fotos and info.