a needle finder for this haystack

Just added a little search mechanism. Noticed people visiting via google with search words like `Benq’ or `a carcass’ and even one poor person from chekaslovakia (I know that spelling’s wrong, what can I do? And .ch is that country’s identifier – I think (?)) – with the search words `how to buy a digital fotokamera’; lead astray by my dodgey use of pidgeon eastern-euro-speak.
And they are only directed to the front page here, which’d make finding what they want a nightmare.
It dropped in pretty easy. Just need to get the single entry archive template a bit more polished.

name: jean
url: http://
date: 2002-08-23-14-43
so, do you like KNOW what words get put into ya search engine?
like if I put Jean, would ya know that i’d put jean?
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-08-23-15-38
Well hullo jean, shouldn’t you be working? :^P

No, the search function doesn’t record the searches I don’t think, but (for the people *out there* at least, one would presume that if they came here via a google search phrase such as “surprise chef” then they would also use the search function to find the same phrase.
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name: Binky
email: binky@astrogoth.com
url: http://
date: 2002-09-01-12-24
Czechoslovakia. CZ. CH is Confoederatio Helvetica, or, your friends in Switzerland.
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-09-01-22-31
Yeah, thanks binky. i figured that out a while after — found a page that had all the abreviations. Not a particularly obvios one that, CH…

“you can keep the furniture…”

Is what thom yorke of radiohead yowls in `Morning Bell’ from the Kid A album. (The line, Where’d’ya park the car? is my favourite, but that’s another story.) My take on the song is that it’s about a break up.
See, as mentioned before, i was trawling the ODP a couple of weeks ago. One of the many I had a quick click through was this. I didn’t think much of it – but the poignancy of that front image struck me last night.
Via TV we’ve all seen fotos ripped in half, but how do you rip a .JPEG??? [With a whole bunch of bitterness – ed.] I wonder if there’s ever been a couple (married or otherwise) or an equal partnership which has broken up and resulted in legal proceedings (Court Battle) to see who gets to keep the domain name?
“You can keep the kids, the dogs and the house but suchn’such.com is MINE!
Either way, sounds like a good movie plot starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan – HAHAHAHA!!!

where to?

Am a tad chuffed and self conscious at present; Sir Flakey at Core gave a nice little mention to these here ramblings. hahah – i cope so badly with positive comments!

But the point is definitely taken re: blogs being a new form of communication. I look around a bit further and see bloggers with archives back as far as 1999 which makes me think `what the hell was I doing all that time?’. (answer: muckin’ around in chatrooms, and then discussion boards)
It’s like when I actually got on the net — i wasn’t on of the first, but just as the thing really exploded — same with blogging — and really it’s only this last couple of months that it feels like I’m getting my head around it. It’s pretty amazing – something big and new unfolding right in front of you.

That’s the thing about net-related technologies and personal computing – it’s moving so quick! And there’s so many areas that you could go further and further into learning about.
The last thing that really grabbed me was poetry about four years ago – but that burnt itself out within a year because it’s just not moving anymore. All the big events were in the past and a stuck there.
Convergence of all these gadgets, OSes evolving, CPUs speeding up and the net being used in more and more different ways – it’s all very interesting – but that last one i like because it doesn’t require a head for coding.
The thing I’m wondering a lot at the moment is What’s Next? What’ll be the next form of communication to spring up oganically out of cyberland. I’ve got no idea Predicting the future sure isn’t my specialty.

it’s a big universe

Just finished reading chapter 3, `Navigating the blog universe’, from the book, We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs. Was quite good. Some of the beginning stuff kind of seemed obvious, and I’d read about that whole “kaycee scam” in pc world mag ages ago. But the interview with the blogdex guy was interesting. And I finally found out what both blogroll and meme mean. for some reason everytime I saw the word blogroll written i got visions of souvlaki, but that was about it. It’s just the list of external links people have on pages. One would think it might’ve been spelt `role’ as in `role call’ … Anyway – and meme – I found odd because it wasn’t in my dictionary (the Macquarie – the big one too – none of the pcket-size stuff) — got in 98, so maybe that explains it. A meme is: `The term meme refers to ideas or behaviors that spread from one person to another.’ – they say.
Oh – and one quote I really liked from the afore mentioned blogdex guy was, `For some, the weblog is a natural medium for the expression of their personality, and for others it is an awkward square hole with which to press their circular identity into’.
I think I’m probably one of those round people, but half of the fun of using the written word to communicate in is its limitations. While I might try as hard as I can to get the reader to `hear’ the tone of voice and exaggeration I’m using when i write, the truth is that I probably wouldn’t go over the top at all in a face to face convo.

My AllSeeingEye is seeing too much. One discovered that if one is using a web based statistics mechanism … and one happened to be looking at one’s own statistics … and sees … “joe blogg’s” page as a referral address … and one think `Oh, I’ll click through straight from here and see what joe’s up to’ … and if joe has an AllSeeingEye too, then Joe can click back through that link address that is left and sees ones stats page.
This is not a huge issue, but if we all wanted others to see our stats page, then we’d probably stick a link to them in our “felafel blogrolls”. ;^)

“Highly Illogical”

Woke with a headache so decided not to go to uni. It wasn’t the cause of any excess. Was just feeling a bit crap. Going to have to get an extension on one of those assignments. Much more procrasto yesterday. Having trouble with the comms one — one of the readings for it is absolute bullshit. One of the things that bugs me most about academia is the continual misuse of the word and concept; communism. It’s Stalinism ya dingleberries. And they way they twist Marx’s writings around – he’d have a complete modern-day Freak Out if he were alive to read it all.
So trying to decode this crap and attempt to make any sense out of it is – obviously – headache-inducing.

Schnaffled Mozilla 1.1beta the other day. My impressed-edness grows with with each release. It’s rendering graphics much faster now, and from my unscientific point of view, is loading pages nearly as fast as Opera. That was the no. 1 issue I had with it, I reckon I can live with the other little differences (like the `adding a bookmark’ procedure is a little more laborious than opera’s. But that’s just me – i like to have my bookmarks all neatly organised.)
&nbsp&nbsp Also, For some reason the 1.0 release plugin installer wouldn’t work properly for me, but the new version’s does.
So now I’m going to be multi-threading my brain for dual browsing with both of them .

And the `neat little app. of the week’ award goes to KSETIwatch, which makes ditributed computing a whole lot funner.

There’s fun brewing at the Core Wiki – it kind of reminds me of a `choose yer own adventure story’ and the best bit is that it’s all anonymous.

Matt the wholelottanothing guy has a very funny Leonard Nimoy .MP3, `Highly Illogical’, posted for d/load on his page (scroll til you see the pics of Spock).
I remember many years ago hearing Billy Baxter playing one of the Nimoy tracks on the `Cracked Platters’ segment of Coulddabeenchampions. It was a cover of something like `walk on the wildside’.

raw power

That’s what spring is. It’s just starting. I can hear the bees humming around the new wattle flowers. Explosions of growth and reproduction all over the joint. i think spring is my fave season – full of potential. In ascent.

Jean got the new Ka yesterday. She refuses to pose for a foto leaning against the driver’s side door of it with arms crossed as in the classic “I just got my car” statement. I have not asked when I can drive it yet. Think I’ll be able to get a better attitude happening re: learning how to drive in it; its boundaries are closer to where me finishes and car starts – and car ends – and potential obstacles start. It can’t imagine that it’ll be much harder than walking.

I think the man at Computer sores is avoiding me. He’s supposed to be getting me a HP kamera, but “wasn’t there” on friday, and “was sick” on saturday.

hhmm hmm

This is kind of interesting: what happens when you send a couple of girls (aged 10 &12) and their a-bit-touchy “Mom” to the LinuxWorld Trade Show in San Francisco. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the TuxReports site, but I agree with one of the commenters that if the IBM reps didn’t have time to talk to a couple of kids – it’s not really a reason to “stack on a turn” (as my mum would say).

Also, Eugenia from OSNews got to go to LW too (lucky her) — and did a write up of it here.


Interesting discussion at blogroots on whether to sign with an alias or your real name. identity on the net is a really interesting thing.
I don’t think of aliased names any different to `real’ ones. It’s astoundingly easy to find my real name – which is partly voluntary, partly not.
It bugs me a little that some close to me know of this site because it puts me into partial-censorship mode. It seems counterproductive to have a second journal where i keep privater thoughts. Before I was web logging, i kept a paper (P)-journal. I was thinking about that last night — want to go have another look at them – see what differences there are between this and that. To me at least, truth in thoughts and feelings is important, mainly for the reason that when i look back in years time, I can say to myself – yes that’s really what I was thinking about that – not having to remember if i was skirting an issue because such-n-such was on to me.
Ultimately I think I’d like to kill `The Man In The Grey Suit’ and be journaling an unaltered stream of consciousness (a la Kerouac) but I don’t see it happenng now.

name: tony
url: www.tamesapien.com/weblog/
date: 2002-08-16-14-37
I’m much the same and from what I’ve gathered by talking to other bloggers, everyone holds back a little. I used to keep a paper diary and when I look back at them they ARE much more personal. I don’t think the world wants/needs to know about personal relationships, health problems or fetishes etc. Everybody has a personal and a public persona I suppose. It’s natural.
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-08-16-16-03
Ah yes – yet it’s the personal health probs, messy relationships and fetishes that draw the readers – paradoxical indeed.
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-08-16-16-10
er… not that increasing readership is an all-encompassing desire for me or anythink ;^P – but there are factors of – how much do you write it for yourself, and how much for others, when you know others are reading etc. etc.

Life in the vertical part of the S

Y’know I think I’m a pretty tough cookie to please sometimes. The impression I get of myself is that I tend to do a lot of poo-pooing of people places and things. i don’t know if this is true or not – that’s the problem of self-perception and objectivity/subjectivity.

But right now i have to say that I’m pretty pleased with these two subjects teKnoKulcha and communication studies that am doing at uni. They fit in together like jigsaw bits. one week we’re looking at technological determinism>The Coming Spike by Damien Broderick. (there’s a little bit from a revised version here – we got to read more for class of a 1997 version — I’d love to scan it in, but this is probably the type of thing i need permission for, particularly considering he’s only in melbourne — with that kind of proximity he could send killer robot after me.)

So – it’s very interesting – his forcasts on computer processing power and how it’s on an ascent and will be climbing more and more steeply til (if it were a graph) the line would be basically going straight up and sometime between 2030 and 2100 we hit a point beyond which it’s impossible to guess what society will be like because full equivelent to human thinking AI will be a real thing.
Ah … there’s a lot of stuff in that piece – and it’s hard to re-tell and do it properly.

name: tony
url: www.tamesapien.com/weblog/
date: 2002-08-16-01-12
Permission to copy…NO. As long as you’re copying it for personal use it’s not a problem. So what if you quote someone on the the web. They should be pleased that you think their words are worthy of being reproduced on your blog!!

nb. i am pissed and anything i say at this time of night may be held against me.
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-08-16-08-42
Haha – the great disinhibitor.
Yes, it bugs me how touchy people get about copyright (a la the whole `for Dummies dummy etc.)
O’Reilly often wack a chapter of their books online as a taster – i think it works well.

fankful for fink

After several mornings of moaning at the door as the postie came and went i got a little satisfaction. Not through biting him on the leg but from getting hold of the sept. edition of pc world mag.

They got a bit on fink which is a project to port Linux apps to OS X. And let’s face it, if you just bought a new apple, then chances are you’re not going to have oodles of cash left lying around to spend on 3rd party apps.
It uses the Debian style ‘apt: get’ mechanism for downloading new packages, which is a good idea … considering. Seems like they’ve got a fair amount of stuff ported too — KDE 3, xmms, enlightenment, fluxbox … you name it.
I don’t know if I’d try setting it up here. At least not til the next thing – which is networking Juggernaut and Blooey. The apple’s modem is retarded and would do much better running through here.

Also – the pc world disk had Gnome 2.0 on it — and I didn’t realise that it could run alongside Gnome 1.4 (infact they recommend it). Ripping one out and attempting to compile 56 packages in the right order while making sure all the dependencies are sorted is the kind of thing only to be attempted when there’s a week spare.
But this has a compiler tool as well. If it doesn’t have something then (provided you’re online) it’ll just grab it as it chugs along though the configure/make and install process. Which is what it’s doing right now! Cool.

Tony mentions that there was an article in one of the Fairfax papers about blogging today. I just found another at south china morning post via blogroots. It mentions China’s censorship of the net, which is good because I need to reference it for this assignment.

name: anti-fsck
url: wireless.bur.st
date: 2002-08-20-01-09
jenny sinclair’s piece , blogged at her website: http://www.platypus.blogspot.com somewhere. it renders abysmally in galeon.
soz, followed your link from sirflakey’s bird post at http://www.core.org.au