homework action – that is. woohoo. Mountains and Mountains of statistics today, downtown freebasing/creative writing tomorrow and the blow by blow action replay on sunday (ie. i have to explian what i’m writing). Jean’s gone to her folks’ place for the weekend and Fadda’s day.
And it’s definitely not sunny today so I don’t know if I’ll be getting out to snap up some fotos of the joint. It’s occurred to me that i really don’t have a photographic eye either. Of course it can be developed, but looking back at the holiday fotos, they’re kinda boring.

Already thinking about what i’d like to do once the uni year finishes – O for some free time! Want to become a master of the GIMP (the GNU image manipulation program) — I know there’s a lot in there that I don’t know about it and there’s a long manual i’d like to read. Also would like to spend some time getting to know the OS X system. I’m sure that the only reason why it bugs me at the moment is because i haven’t spent enough time getting familiar with it.

Via the O’reilly weblogs, found this page, which is chokkas full of futuristic theory and opinion. i wish I had the time to read it, but don’t so this here is a bookmark.

Ended up watching Seinfeld last night because Frasier wasn’t on. (Did tv always rerun shows as much as this? Were people watching `The HoneyMooners’ for five years constantly after it’d finished?) So eventhough i know the seinfeld ep.s well, (just the other week I was thinking of that costanza line, “What was my father doing with a man in a cape? What was a man in a cape doing with my father?”) it was still good to see. Was reminded of how well it’s written – almost every line comes off a winner. A combination of the writing and the acting i suppose. They really stuffed a lot into 22 minutes, compared to Frasier and even The Simpsons. There’s something to be said for the phrase, `leave ’em wanting more’ — the simpsons is pretty much beyond that point.

Also: it seems all is not well between Red Hat and KDE: article here. Is in terribly bad form of Red Hat to screw with kde, thinking that it’ll get more people using Gnome — on their next release (RH 8.0(?)). if they do cripple kde, then i think I’ll have to take another look at SuSE.

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