another quickie

because, like tony I really am pressed for time, what with all the school work.
I really like some of Rasterman‘s photos – particularly the ones of Mt.Fuji.

Yoshi’s black n’ white seems to have disappeared. i was going to link him on the subject of the ABC show, dimensions (aka `dementias’) – with `Uncle George’ Negus. Yoshi mentioned it a while back – an episode that had a couple of car designers on it -(I saw that one too) — but anyway – the wednesday night episode is all about The Future. They seem to interview a lot of “Futurists” — what the hell is that? — what do ya gotta do to be one? — I wanna be one.
Tonight’s ep was about living spaces – accommodation – lots of skyscrapers – not really my idea of a party. All very interesting though. each wednesday is about future stuff – worth catching.
I really think that instead of the little funny multi-coloured set that they stick george in — they should have him in a tool shed! Cut from the end of a story to Unkie George Negus sitting in his tool shed, whittling. George reels off a few (previous) story related puns then introes the next one. And just to keep things in character, George should poo-poo most of the great new ideas that come out of the stories.
“Riding around town on a personal hoverboard?! Not me thanks.”
Ah! – here we go – the general dimensions page (featuring Unkie George!) and the page for future dimensions.

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-08-30-10-10
You know what – I think I saw negus last night in my local restaurant (Bistro Niche, Neutral Bay, good stuff). As for futurists – wired had a big spiel about one not that long ago .. can’t find the link ..but I found *this*
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-08-30-12-01
Wired has some interesting stuff — there’s a couple of articles on the Apple Newton there at the moment.

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