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Finally got the digital camera situation all sorted. We picked up the HP C120 photosmart. The lad at “ComputerSores” forgot to order it for a few days – then did – and said that it’d be an extra fifty – coming to a grand total of 300 bucks for a 1megapixel digital camera. I was reluctantly going to accept this, eventhough we’d seen that model on sale at dick smiths and officewerks and `the goodguys’ and just about every other place you can think of – for 270bucks.

I’m not a haggler. for some reason I can’t explain – I find the whole process is wrong. If a retailer offers something at an inflated price – then this means they have no integrity or honour, but rather than tell them this, I’ll just not deal with them again. remind me to stick a pic of an Edoan from star trek TOS on here – that’s what they’re like in business. ug – am rambling.
Anyway – jean got on the phone and sez to this nerd, we’ve seen it advertised at this price, can’t you give it to us for that? And, bugger me, – he could. i thought because they technically already had 250bucks of the cash – all I got was a store voucher – that they’d never do it.

So it hooked up straight away to the OS X machine, but not jugger – there’s a chance that with a bit of fiddling I can get the HP C120 photosmart happening under Linux. The linux hardware database has some encouraging stories.
Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to go for a walk and get some images.

The Advaita Vedanta talk didn’t go so good. Probably should spent longer gettin the info together.
They make salt and vinegar chips too strong these days.

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