good golly miss molly

I thought three or four visits relating to uhm .. that umentionable chef was a lot – 49 visits! yesterday – most of which were from search engines for that same…(and one for “a poem with rhythm about mothers” teehee) yet no comments no emails no signings of guestbook … and no writs. Oh well. This is the last time I’ll mention visitor numbers. It’s a relatively new thing to me, and (judjing by my reaction to it0 i don’t normally get a lot of traffic.

i honestly didn’t think that show would last into a second season. And, although I don’t have a control group, it’s interesting that people are using the `new media’ to look up the `old’ media.
The other thing is that perhaps there’s room out there for a tv critic blog. i know quite a few australian blogger mention tv in passing, but this would want to be a specific thing. This is also where the whole `being paid to blog’ angle comes in too. The networks should hire someone – or set it in a job’s job description.
But don’t look at me, most stuff on telly get me muttering curses and a-throwing hexes at the whole system.

Anyway – I’ve got so much homework, if I stayed to prophesise any longer I’d be done for, he says and sighs.

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