Hammin’ it up at the downtown freebase connection

My “blog daddy”, jeremiah newbie, seems to be in limbo right now. Halfway between www.delusional.nu and tripledoubleyou.com. I hope things are going smoothly – I know it’s no fun being of the air. It took me a while to figure out the name. Interestingly, there actually is a www.www.com, although it seems wasted due to the content – and that stoopid purple monkey. And (Attention Kiwis) tripledoubleewe is still vacant.

So, anyway – I said I had no idea about this story… This morning I wake at the normal weekday time of quarter to seven, which is unfortunate – but what can ya do? — and one of the first thhing I think is that I’ve got this thing to write — and then within 5 minutes I get a full idea. HAL – ah – loo – Jah!
Reckon I’ll even get the opportunity to thread in the Kraftwerk line `She’s posing for consumer products now and then’, from the relatively well known, `The Model’.
I can’t claim that it’s going to be 100% original, but everything’s derivative now. If music was where writing was then it’d be totally recycled beats and snippets of old stuff. In fact, right now it’s kinda leaning heavily on this bit at Kuro5hin.org the other night while I was waiting for a bunch of red hat updates to come through. iain m banks – i’ve seen the name around before – never read any. Sounded pretty inneresting.
I better get down on it now before the idea fades.

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